Dr. Johnson's Healing Methods Work!

Approximately seven years ago, I became a patient of Dr. Johnson. I was experiencing chronic sinus problems and it looked like I would need to undergo sinus surgery. I did not want to have surgery and, therefore, I sought alternative healing.
Dr. Johnson set me on a course to healing with supplements and allergy eliminations! My sinus problems and allergies are now very mild and easily controlled.
I am a firm believer in the healing methods Dr. Johnson recommends and, I tell everyone I know who is seeking alternative healing, to come see Dr. Johnson! I view Dr. Johnson as a friend and someone I can trust!

Pamela W. Beck
Macomb, MI

“Congestive Heart Failure” is History!

My father, Robert Kopitz, was at death’s door. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (a catch-all term doctors use to describe that his heart was failing for reasons they could not determine). His ejection fraction (or amount of blood expelled with each heart beat) was down to 25%. After less than two months of treatment by Dr. Johnson, his ejection fraction was tested at 60% which is better than the normal rate of 50%! On his first day, my dad’s heart function was rated a 2 out of a 12 scale. He is now testing at 11 on the 12 scale. My father no longer uses the wheelchair and now only needs his cane. He now walks unassisted. Also, my father has a Vitamin B allergy. Vitamin B is essential to heart function. My father would have died in days or weeks without Dr. Johnson’s intervention. Dr. Johnson has helped me and my family too.

Bruce Kopitz
Shelby Township, MI

Air Conditioning Sensitivity

Several weeks ago I came to Dr. Johnson for headaches I was having. At my examination he told me I suffered from allergies and I began to get treated for them. I was having headaches when the air conditioning was on and on one of my visits, I told Dr. Johnson. He asked me to soak a rag in water in the room by the air conditioner then bring it in. When he checked me, I was allergic to the soaked rag. He treated me for this allergy. Now I can tolerate an increase of heat and don’t have the headaches the air conditioner was causing. In addition, I don’t have to have the air conditioning on as much as I did. Now it switched and it bothers me if it’s too cold. Dr. Johnson’s helped me a lot. It really pays to tell the doctor all your problems, even something seemingly insignificant can be related somehow. Then he can help you.

Scott Kubica
Sterling Heights, MI

Saved from the Bites

My son Nolan had severe red welts on his body from insect bites. They lasted for four days. He was miserable the whole time. I brought him to Dr. Johnson, who did allergy eliminations treatments for insects on Nolan. Within 24 hours his welts were gone. He has been bitten by mosquitoes since then, but he didn’t have any welts or other reactions. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Holly Zabel
Clarkston, MI

NAET Allergy Elimination Documented With Medical Allergy Testing

I’ve suffered from allergies for years and gotten injections for them too. Every couple of years my allergy medical doctor insists on redoing the scratch tests and the injection tests. I told Dr. Johnson about my allergies and that I didn’t think the shots were helping and he suggested trying NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques). I agreed and I worked with both the injections and the NAET treatments. Recently, I had the scratch test repeated and nothing showed up. According to the medical doctor, my allergies are gone. Dr. Johnson said that I still have molds and other similar environmental thing to clear. I trust the NAET and Dr. Johnson. He’s really made a difference in my life.

Anita Zinzi
Shelby Township, MI

Lactose Intolerance GONE with NAET

For many years I thought I was lactose intolerant. Every time I would eat milk or cheese products, I would suffer from an upset stomach, even diarrhea sometimes. But then I came to Dr. Johnson. After a careful exam, Dr. Johnson told me I had food allergies. I’ve been treated for several things including milk and dairy. I was afraid to try them at first, but now have had milk on my cereal without any problems and also other dairy foods. And no problems. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, NAET is a great thing!

James Gerjekian
Macomb, MI

Incurable Hives and Allergies Handled with Designed Clinical Nutrition and NAET

On July 27, 2004, I was at a meeting and had pizza for dinner, and then I broke out in a rash. From there it was all downhill. I developed hives and itchiness all over my body. That sent me to many doctors to find a cure. I saw my family doctor, then I saw two different allergists and ended up at the University of Michigan. I was in the emergency room three times because I couldn’t breathe. The doctors at U of M told me that it could go away in two weeks, or maybe two months, or maybe two years, or maybe never. In other words, they didn’t know what was causing the hives and itchiness. At this point a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Johnson. I came to Dr. Johnson a little over four months ago. He checked me out using muscle testing and recommended several supplements and allergy elimination treatments. I was ready to try anything to get some relief. What a difference! I haven’t had any hives or severe itchiness in seven weeks. It’s amazing! I’m really grateful to Dr. Johnson for all his help and I highly recommend him.

Michael Scott
Clinton Township, MI

Motion Sickness Gone with NAET

For years, ever since I can remember, I have suffered from motion sickness. I could never ride in the back of a car, I always had to drive. If I was in the front seat, I couldn’t even turn around to look in the back seat without getting sick. When our children were little, my husband had to ride in the back with them. I couldn’t. I told Dr. Johnson about my problem and he suggested that I get an allergy elimination (NAET) treatment for it. I wasn’t sure it would work; after all, I had had the problem all my life! But I agreed to try it. What a change. I had the NAET treatment. Then I tested it out. I rode in the back seat — I was okay. On a return trip from up north, I read a book. Wow! I didn’t get sick. It’s so great that I don’t have to drive all the time now. Thanks Dr. J.

Linda Chaloult
Rochester Hills, MI

Poison Ivy Sensitivity Gone with NAET

Everywhere I went I got poison ivy — all the time — for years! I carried special creams and Fels-Naphtha Soap with me all the time. Every trip, every vacation — I always ended up with poison ivy. I told Dr. Johnson about my problem and he suggested we try some allergy elimination on it. He checked me and I was allergic to both poison ivy and poison oak. It took two treatments and it was all gone. This past summer we went vacationing and biking and I didn’t get any poison ivy. It was really great! Thanks, Dr. J.

Pat Newman
Shelby Township, MI

Chronic Fatigue and Allergies on the Mend

I had been feeling extremely weak and fatigued and knew I was not well. My husband’s aunt suggested I see Dr. Johnson, which I did. Several months ago when I started seeing Dr. Johnson, he told me after my exam that I had a lot of health challenges, including adrenal fatigue and allergies. We started working with supplements and allergy elimination, especially since my allergies contributed to my sinus and ear problems. Dr. Johnson suggested I get some massage work done from Marge Grasel, his massage therapist. I took his advice and during my massage Marge used reflexology and suggested that I have Dr. Johnson check my thyroid. I told Dr. Johnson about this and he did. My thyroid was really bad. I started taking thyroid supplements and soon I was feeling so much better. I have more energy and am not fatigued like I was. My mom has thyroid problems and is on drugs for her condition. She went through a lot of adjustments to her medication before it was right. Dr. Johnson started me on supplements to help my thyroid and I haven’t had to go through all the adjustment that my mom did. The supplements worked right away. I still have many allergies to clear before I’m 100%, but Dr. Johnson is helping me regain my health and I feel so much better already. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Ginger Smith
New Haven, MI

Citrus NAET Testimonial

Over the last 10 years or so, I have started developing a number of food allergies. It started with shellfish and progressed to citrus. It is fairly easy to avoid shellfish, but many dishes are just not right without a lemon squeeze and eating out became quite a gamble. On many occasions, I would eat a wonderful dinner, only to find myself incapacitated the next day with a blistering migraine and upset stomach – sometimes making it impossible to even get out of bed. I discussed my problem with Dr. Karl, who suggested we try NAET. At first, I was very skeptical, and the initial attempt failed – since I didn’t take the treatment serious, and didn’t follow through. After suffering a few more months, I became motivated and asked to try again. This time, I followed all of Dr. Karl’s instructions and after 5 sessions, I am happy to announce that I am completely cured. Today, I’m having ice tea with lemon, I eat oranges and I have no reactions, whatsoever. Thanks Dr. Karl - I had forgotten how wonderful oranges taste. (Next on the list is shellfish).

Goran Lowback
Royal Oak

After my middle child was born 18 years ago, I started having pains and swelling in my joints when I didn’t get enough sleep or stressed my joint. My medical doctor said it was too early to tell but he thought it might be rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. He wanted to put me on medications, but I was planning to have another child and couldn’t take those drugs if I was pregnant. Over the years whenever the pain and swelling flared up, I would take Advil. At its worst, the pain would make it difficult to do everyday tasks. For example, when the pain was in my elbows, it was difficult to raise my arms to do my hair. I met Dr. Johnson through my son’s scout troop. I purchased a pillow for my son and started getting your newsletter. When I read about NAET, I became interested and thought it might help me. I attended a seminar and decided to try it. It didn’t take long. I was allergic to only three of the basic ten allergens. And after I cleared calcium and minerals, I noticed a change in the swelling and joint pain. Now thanks to Dr. Johnson and his allergy elimination treatments I feel good. The pain and swelling are gone. I highly recommend Dr. J to everyone.

Marlene Fisher
Clinton Township, MI

Before Dr. Johnson, I craved sugar all the time. This was no simple craving, it was major. I could polish off a jar of jelly in one sitting. Cherry was my favorite. I ate all kinds of sugar. I always had some with me. Then I came to Dr. Johnson for allergy elimination treatments (NAET). I’ve had lots of success with the treatments, but the sugar treatment really changed my life. From relying on sugar to get me through the day, I now don’t crave it, don’t want it, and it doesn’t affect me anymore. I can actually look at a jar of jelly and not act on it. Thanks, Dr. J. for all your help.

James Fisher
Clinton Twp., MI

My daughter Sarah suffered from ear infections almost every month for about a year. Last February she had pneumonia. She always seemed to be on antibiotics and I knew that was bad for her. I’ve been a chiropractic patient for several years. Dr. Johnson had helped me with many challenges and I thought maybe he could help Sarah. So, I brought her to see him. Dr. J tested Sarah and treated her for many allergies, including milk, shellfish, vitamin A and vitamin C. It only took a few treatments and Sarah was feeling better. For the past four months Sarah has been a healthy child — no stuffy noses, no fevers, no ear infections. What really brought this home was the fact that at the day care center where Sarah goes, many children have been sick, but Sarah has not. Sarah is now a healthy 18-month-old who feels fine. Thanks, Dr. J.

Ramona Meirow
Romeo, MI

I’ve been coming to Dr. Johnson for many years. Several months ago I started allergy elimination treatments because I was always tired, fatigued and also overweight. Dr. Johnson tested me and said that I was allergic to sugar. He treated me for sugar and I was able to lose 20 pounds and I felt so much better. My fatigue was gone and I had more energy; in fact, I could stay awake all day. I’ve always had a problem with motion sickness, especially if I read while traveling. Having had such great success with sugar, I mentioned this to Dr. Johnson. I told him that I couldn’t read in a moving vehicle and that I needed to sit in the front in order not to get nauseated. I never thought that one could be treated for that; but Dr. J. said I could. I got the NAET treatment and soon I could read in a moving car. I recently took a 10-hour car trip and was able to read all the time. The kids slept, my husband listened to music, and I read. I loved it. When we went on a field trip with the kids, I sat four rows back and was fine. I guess the only thing left is to try flying and see if it works there. I’m certain it will, but it’s a good excuse for a trip. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help over the years.

Nancy Ludlow
Shelby Twp., MI

I came to see Dr. Johnson for help with my food allergies and my migraine headaches. I was allergic to so many things—foods, weeds, grass, pollen, and the environment—and suffered with hayfever each year. Dr. Johnson put me on some supplements and recommended that I try the NAET allergy elimination treatments. He found I was allergic to vitamins as well as many foods. I’ve been receiving the NAET treatments for several months now and I’m happy to say that my environmental sensitivities are gone. I was allergic to citrus and now, after NAET, I can have one of my favorites, organic 100% lemonade. I feel better now and stronger. I was treated for allergies to B vitamins and this past winter I only had a mild cold, not the severe ones I used to get. Also, my migraines are decreasing. I used to have several migraines a week, now hardly any. A special thanks to Dr. Johnson for all his help.

Elizabeth Mansour
Clawson, MI

For years I had problems every time I cut the grass. I would get congested and sneeze a lot. When I told Dr. Johnson about the problem, he suggested allergy elimination (NAET) treatments. What a difference. Now I can cut the grass, handle the clippings, and work in the yard with no problems. Thanks, Dr. J.

Matthew Tuckfield
Romeo, MI

My son Nathan was extremely allergic to dogs, especially dog saliva. He could pet dogs; but whenever he was licked by a dog, he’d break out in hives. Since receiving allergy elimination treatments from Dr. Johnson, Nathan has been fine around dogs. He hasn’t broken out in hives at all. More importantly, Nathan always developed colds which led to croup and asthma. He was so bad that I would sit up at night listening to his breathing to be certain he was ok. I was concerned that he would not be able to breathe. Everything always affected his lungs, so naturally I was concerned. Dr. Johnson has been treating Nathan for his many allergies for about three months now. Last week Nathan had another cold. But this time he only had a small amount of croup and no asthma and recovered quickly. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help.

Christy Tuckfield
Romeo, MI

“I touched a kitty and I didn’t even cough!”

Four-year-old Chloe Alverson made this statement to Dr. Johnson and his staff after receiving allergy elimination treatments for her cat allergy. Whenever Chloe was around cats her eyes would tear and become red and she’d sneeze. This has happened since Chloe was a baby. Although our family didn’t have cats, we visited friends who did. These trips were difficult for Chloe. When I brought Chloe to Dr. Johnson, he began treating her for various allergies. She used to have bad cases of eczema; but since her NAET treatments, she hasn’t had any…and now she can be near cats again. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Kelly Alverson
Romeo, MI

For years I suffered from fatigue and no energy. I felt depressed and couldn’t sleep well. I’d be cleaning my house in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep. I also had arthritis pain so bad that I couldn’t even ride my bike (which I love to do) more than a quarter of a mile. I did some research on the Internet, read Say Good-bye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, determined that I had allergies, and then found Dr. Johnson on the NAET website. He was the closest to me, but he was still two hours away by car. Dr. Johnson checked me out and agreed. I’ve been coming for NAET treatments for over three months now and I can’t believe the difference. I had to give up wheat and dairy products and I’ve found lots of new recipes to help me over that. After I was treated for sugar, I was able to sleep through the night again. Now I have more energy. I had been losing weight (which for me was bad) and now that has stabilized. I’ve been told that I look ten years younger and I’m riding my bike again. In fact, I recently rode my bike to work and back home again—a total of 9 miles—and in between I worked on my feet all day. I’m no longer taking naps and I feel great! Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for helping me become a new person.

Deanna May
Port Hope, MI

For years I’ve been allergic to “everything.” A while back, my daughter had a cat she was getting rid of. She wanted me to take Sophie and make a home for her. I really liked her and wanted to take her. I had Dr. Johnson check me to see if I was allergic to cats. He said I was and treated me for cats. Then I brought in some of Sophie’s fur and he treated me for that. It took more than one NAET treatment, but finally I was clear and Sophie came to live with my husband and me. I love her dearly. I hug her and kiss her and hold her. She’s funny and smart. She’s so much enjoyment that I’m now thinking about getting another one. I’ve had my sister’s cat with me while she’s on vacation; and although the cats don’t like each other and have to be kept separated, I’ve been fine, no symptoms at all. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for your care and concern.

Sara Perron
Sterling Heights, MI

I would like to tell you about how Dr. Johnson has helped my sister and me. We used to always fight and argue about the stupidest things, just to argue about something. This was normal, until Dr. J learned how to clear allergies. The name of the technique is NAET, or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques. Believe it or not, I was allergic to my sister, which is why we didn’t get along at all. First, we were tested to make sure we were allergic to each other, which we were. The next step was to see how long we had to be separated and haw far we had to be away from each other. After a few days, we were done being cleared of our allergy to each other and now we are more friendly and positive to each other. I am a lot happier now that we aren’t fighting anymore, because it makes the house more peaceful and quiet. I strongly suggest if you have allergy problems with foods or people, tell Dr. Johnson and he can test you, which will make your life easier, more relaxed, and without the use of drugs or other medications. This is almost too good to be true, but it isn’t! Do yourself a favor and remove allergies from your life for good.

Darren Johnson
Clinton Twp., MI

Ever since I was a young child, I have suffered from motion sickness. I was really sick — throwing up sick — every time I was in a car, or airplane or boat. Ten years ago my husband wanted to take a cruise and again I was sick, sick, sick. Recently my husband said he wanted to go on another cruise and I said I would ask Dr. Johnson if anything could be done. I’ve been coming to Dr. Johnson for six years now and I trust his judgment. He suggested we try Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) on my motion sickness. He did. It worked. I went on my cruise and had a great time. Not only did I not get sick on the cruise liner, I also was able to go on the small boat tours that were pounding up and down in the rough surf. I felt great! Thanks, Dr. J

Lorraine Beavon
Rochester Hills, MI

Every time I would eat certain foods or have a glass of wine I would get all stuffed up and have difficulty breathing. This prevented me from eating and drinking some of my favorite foods. I told Dr. Johnson about it and he tested me for sulfites. Surely enough, I was allergic to them. Next I was treated with NAET to eliminate the allergy. It worked. Now I can have one or two glasses of wine, even red wine (which I didn’t like before). Other foods are okay now too. I don’t drink much, so it’s nice to be able to actually enjoy a glass of wine occasionally.

Linda Walling
Shelby Township, MI

For a long time I had problems every time I was in my car and on other occasions too. I would get itchy all over and I’d start to sweat. I didn’t know what was going on. I mentioned it to Dr. Johnson and he checked me for allergies. Sure enough I was allergic to leather - the leather car seats in my car and any other leather I came in contact with. Dr. J treated me with NAET allergy elimination and now I’m fine. I have more pep too. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Leonard Lukomski
Romeo, MI

I’ve been receiving NAET treatments for several months now. The success of these treatments can be either subtle or impressive. Many of my successes have been of the subtle variety. Recently I’ve had to increase my work load at work, in the classes I teach, and in the organizations I belong to. This necessitated my being out every night for several weeks. That along with keeping a home really taxed me. A year ago I would have gotten sick and ended up in bed. But now I’m still going strong. I can only thank NAET for that. Speaking of being sick — formerly I would have my annual fall allergy cold/flu attack. Ten years ago it would put me to bed for three weeks and then take another six to recover. After chiropractic and Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), I was able to get my “illness” down to two to three weeks total. Now since NAET this year’s fall allergy attack lasted three days and I had very little recovery time. In fact, in less than a week I was back to full health and activity. For me this is like having a new life. Maybe by Spring I won’t even get my annual Spring allergy attack. Some of the interesting things I’ve found with NAET have been… I’m sensitive to vitamins and minerals. When your body doesn’t process these properly, it’s hard to be healthy. There are many foods my body doesn’t like as well as chemicals and environmental things (like mold). Some of these are emotional sensitivities and some physical and some nutritional…and some are all. It’s important to follow Dr. Johnson’s instructions to the letter and ask if you’re not certain about any part of your care. Ten years ago I was told by a medical doctor that I had no immune system and would probably be dead within a year if I didn’t change my life. I changed! Now I have a strong immune system and feel great. I also have a lot of energy, more than I ever had before. And I know I owe that to Dr. Johnson and his care.

Diane Radtke
Shelby Twp., MI

I was feeling tired all the time. My stomach ached and I was run down with dry spots on my skin. I felt like a mess. I went to the medical doctors and they gave me multiple tests including an endoscopy, upper G.I. and many more. All my test results came out fine. I was treated for allergies as well as food allergies. I received shots and more shots. I found out I was allergic to a lot of foods. The shots were not helping and as a result I started getting a lot of yeast infections. I truly was a mess. While searching the Internet for help, I found Dr. Johnson’s website and learned about allergy elimination with Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). I made an appointment and was not surprised to learn that I was allergic to practically everything.. Also, my energy level was low and my adrenal glands were “zero.” No wonder I felt so bad. I started treatments a few months ago and have had great results. It feels good to eat the food that I used to be allergic to. I recommend everyone I know to Dr. Johnson. Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for all your help.

Erin Sanchez
Washington, MI

For years my son suffered from severe allergies. His eyes would swell up, he had a runny nose, and he would have asthma attacks. He used to take Claritin and Allegra and others; he had a nasal spray and inhalers for his asthma. Last year Dr. Johnson began giving him allergy elimination treatments (NAET). Now, he’s had no drugs for the past year and he is doing fine. This year he has not had allergy problems. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Evelin Valdez
Macomb, MI

Although I’d been coming to Dr. Johnson for chiropractic care for several years, I’d not had any nutrition counseling. I suffer from allergies and food sensitivities so severe that my medical doctor kept giving me allergy drugs and steroids to reduce the hives and to prevent my throat from swelling closed. I developed hives after eating out to the extent that I was taking both drugs and steroids constantly. I gained 60 pounds during all this and got to the point where I couldn’t eat out in restaurants at all because of the hives. I talked to Dr. Johnson about my problem and he checked me with Autonomic Response Testing and Contact Reflex Analysis. He recommended a series of supplements, which proved to be successful. After the second week I was hive free! It was wonderful. As time went on my supplements changed and my health continued to improve. I was still afraid to eat in restaurants, but I was constantly improving. However, I did have a couple of setbacks when I would try to eat out. But they cleared quickly. Finally, after four months, I can say I am hive-free. I went away with my family for two days and ate in restaurants the whole time. No hives. No food reactions of any kind. My supplement regimen continues to change and I continue to improve. I’m losing the weight I gained and am down from 8-10 drugs to one. Thanks, Dr. J.

Deborah Lampar
Sterling Heights, MI

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