I Childhood Asthma Better After First Adjustment!

Since he was four months old, my son Nathan has suffered from severe asthma attacks, especially with colds. I would get up in the middle of the night to give him breathing treatments.
For several months, Nathan has been treated for his allergies. His treatments have been quite successful, but he still was having asthma attacks. I got to the point where he was waking up every night with a coughing fit due to the asthma. I talked to Dr. Johnson about chiropractic adjustments.
After his first adjustment, Nathan only had a couple of asthma attacks. Then after his second adjustment, Nathan only had one attack and it was so minor that I didn’t need to give him the complete breathing treatment. I am so happy the adjustments have helped.
Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help with Nathan.

Christy Tuckfield
Romeo, MI

Thank You!

My sons Mathew and Michael both started seeing Dr. Johnson in March of 1999. Michael suffered from asthma, nervousness, anxiety, and allergies. I’d had him on many different prescriptions for all his problems, from pills to shots to inhalers.
Now, two months later, he is a new child. The asthma is gone for all practical purposes. He started acting like he was going to have an asthma attack a few weeks ago and I brought him to Dr. Johnson. Within five minutes of having an adjustment, Michael was his old self again and he had no attack. He is now in control of himself. His nervousness is gone and he is much happier and healthier.
Mathew has suffered from ear infections since he was a baby. For the past two years he has been on antibiotics several times. He also wanted his back rubbed often and for long periods. Apparently, it hurt him.
Since starting chiropractic care, Mathew doesn’t need so many back rubs and for much shorter periods. He is also off his prescriptions. Now he takes his supplements and is much healthier.
Thanks Dr. Johnson for the great work with my boys. I would certainly recommend you and your clinic to everyone.

Shelby Township, MI

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