The Ultimate Fibromyalgia Solution

If You Suffer With Fibromyalgia – No Matter How Long Or Severe – Or How Many Doctors And Treatments Have Already Disappointed You this program of care may finally be the answer you are looking for ...

What REALLY causes most Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia has been described as a “brain-body system malfunction that saps strength, energy, creativity, sleep, motivation, mood, cognition and memory, and is associated with persistent pain as well.” If you’ve been unsuccessfully treated by other doctors and tried infomercial “wonder cures,” you already know there is a lot of misinformation and flat-out myths out there.

From your own experience, it’s obvious even many Doctors don’t know the real truth about Fibromyalgia – which can be keeping you in pain when you don’t have to be.

We can explain why taking pain medications… over the counter or prescribed… will NEVER end your Fibromyalgia. By now everyone knows the dangers of Vioxx and Celebrex – but did you know there are many very common pain medications that are probably worse – that are being ignored by the FDA because of big drug company political power and money? Scary but 100% true. If you are taking these pain pills they may be leading to bigger health problems then your original Fibromyalgia problem (especially if you are taking Advil, Tylenol, Motrin or Aspirin). Call 586-731-8840 and ask for our Adverse Effects of NSAID document for a real eye opener.

We use amazing breakthrough technology that helps to determine the cause of your pain. We use equipment engineered to detect subtle abnormalities during specific eye movements. Eye movements are linked to brainstem function. Your brainstem is part of your central nervous system. So, “RealEyes” helps tell us what is wrong in your central nervous system and exactly how we need to treat you to end your pain nightmare! It is literally “cracking the fibromyalgia code.” The test is totally painless and takes about 15-20 minutes to perform. That’s right,...In less than ½ hour you can finally find out why you hurt all over. This amazing technology is 100% safe and painless – yet most doctors don’t have it.

Our unique Clinically Proven Fibromyalgia solution system has worked for Thousands of Americans and many of your Michigan neighbors and it can work for you to.

After several years at Oakland and Wayne State Universities and another four at Palmer Chiropractic College, I’ve painstakingly spent the last 28 years developing, what I consider to be, the ultimate Fibromyalgia Solution System and Technique.

Over all those years, I’ve studied with the best doctors I could find and been to countless seminars to learn the most advanced natural drug-free pain relieving techniques possible.

I’ve also poured through thousands and thousands of pages in books, hours of videos and learned from quite a few more experienced doctors that practiced a variety of different Fibromyalgia techniques. In the end, I’ve taken the best-of-the best out of everything I discovered, added my own personal touch, practiced, practiced and then practiced some more… and… came up with what I consider to be the ultimate system for relieving Fibromyalgia.

As the years went by and I mastered my system, patients started getting remarkable results… many after the very first treatment.

The best thing about my system is I have been able to help so many Fibromyalgia sufferers who thought they had tried everything and were ready to give up.

Some were young adults whose parents (and other doctors) couldn’t understand how someone so young could have Fibromyalgia. Others in their 70’s that had been suffering so long they were wrongly convinced they’d have to live the rest of their life in pain. And every age in between.

I absolutely LOVE taking a patient that has been EVERYWHERE else and tried EVERYTHING under the sun… and… in a short span of time give them the relief they wanted.

I’m no surgeon – but – when that happens -- I kind of feel like that plastic surgeon on that show… “Doctor 90210”… after he fixes someone else’s mess and changes that patients life… forever.

I also love it when you find out my treatments don’t hurt. In fact, my treatments are very gentle and most patients say they felt almost nothing at all... except Their Pain and Fatigue Melting Away…

Read the document Fibromyalgia can print it out for reading too. Click Here

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Karl R.O.S. Johnson, D.C., F.I.C.P.A., L.C.P.

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