Chiropractic & Nutrition Put Me Back in the Garden

For over a year I suffered from leg cramps at least twice a night. My medical doctor told me to take some calcium — that any kind would do. I got some calcium supplements at the store, but they didn’t help. My friend recommended that I see Dr. Johnson for that and the pain in my back. I came in for chiropractic care and told Dr. Johnson about my problem. In addition to the adjustments, he also recommended that I take special calcium that was more absorbable — Standard Process® Calcium Lactate®. He also told me that cod liver oil would help. I tried the cod liver oil gels but they bothered my stomach. Then I tried the Standard Process® Tuna Omega Oil® gels. They work fine and I’m doing much better. I’ve also had low back pain for a long time. I’m a Master Gardener and it was increasingly difficult to work in my gardens. By my sixth visit I was doing so much better. I’m sleeping through the night without any leg cramps and my low back pain is almost gone. I’m looking forward to spring and my gardens again. I’m happy to recommend Dr. Johnson to everyone. Thanks, Dr. J.

Barbara Sztaba
Sterling Heights, MI

Don’t Be A Skeptic, It Really Does Work!

I started going to Dr. Johnson a little over 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I had always been interested in maintaining good health, eating right, and exercising. I had developed a curiosity in alternative/nontraditional medicine. However, I pursued a serious interest when I became a family member at the Chiropractic & Nutrition Wellness Center of Shelby Township when I learned that the body really does heal itself if we allow it to. I came to Dr. Johnson’s office complaining of being run down and tired all the time. Holidays became a drag because I always got sick after all the hustle and bustle of preparing for them. I had moderate to severe allergies. I got one sinus infection after another and was constantly on antibiotics for them as well as for having multiple ear infections. The postnasal drip and constant clearing of my throat was annoying to say the least. Initially, I took advantage of the services offered in Nutrition using NAET. I exclaimed to Dr. Johnson that I didn’t have a thing wrong with my back and didn’t require any adjustments! Being very patient, Dr. Johnson didn’t push me to start treatment, but, Dr. Johnson allowed me the space to evolve until I decided to take action. The rest is history. I feel better now and have more energy than ever before. I haven’t been to an M.D. other than annual wellness exams with the exception of one visit in the past 5 years, and, I have only had to take an antibiotic once in 5 years! I stay healthy by following the individualized nutrition regimen that Dr. Johnson prescribes for me using Standard Process and Medi-herb L supplements. Whenever I become skeptical over whether or not I should be taking all of the supplements recommended, I look at my before and after lab work. My physician has even telephoned me at home to tell me that my routine lab work came back “perfect! The numbers speak for themselves. I believe in this course of health maintenance and have referred my mother, husband, granddaughter and several friends to Dr. Johnson over the years. I am an enthusiastic proponent of Chiropractic & Nutrition Wellness Center and spread the word of my successful outcomes. All we chiropractic family members can do is plant the seed and hope it sprouts eventually: IT REALLY DOES WORK!

Patricia Fields
Washington, MI

Redness Gone, Bumps Reduced

I became a patient here back in 1999. From an overall point of view, my feelings towards Dr. Karl Johnson and his practice has always been that he is creative and flexible. A particular experience with Dr. Johnson that made me very happy was regarding the time when I had a swollen knee with bumps. The bumps were very red and were the size of a baseball/softball. Dr. Johnson recommended Cat' s Claw Complex Tabletstm from MediHerb. In only three to four days, the redness began to improve. Then, within a week, the redness was gone and the internal bumps shrunk to a much smaller size! Thank- you Dr. Johnson and staff. You have all been a great help.

Blair A. Myers
Clinton Township, MI

Dr. Johnson Made Sure That I Didn’t Wait Until It Was Too Late

I started coming to Dr. Johnson after my neighbor had told me how she had a lump on her breast. Dr. Johnson was able to give her supplements and it went away before her surgery was even scheduled! I had 9 bad mammograms myself. The Doctors were going to keep an eye on things and probably watch it grow into cancer. I did not want to take this chance since my mother had passed away from breast cancer. I felt extremely exhausted all of the time. I later found out that my adrenal glands were not functioning properly. Dr. Johnson has fixed me up since then. I never want to feel as bad as I did! Thanks to Dr. Johnson, I feel great! Thanks Dr. Johnson!

Rose Capozzoli
Sterling Heights, MI

No More Allergies, Sinus Problems or Stomach Problems, Discharge, Skin Problems or Depression!

Dr. Johnson, One day in December of 2006 I was leaving my doctors office feeling very depressed and sad because after many office visits and may test I was told there was nothing else they could do to help me and I would have to live with these problems. I was parked at the light at Van Dyke and saw a sign that said Nutritionist. I thought ok, well why not! I walked into this bright and cheerful office with everyone wanting to help me and I was astounded. I made my first appointment and the rest is history! I would also like to add that I had a terrible discharge that the doctor said could not be helped except to go to a teaching hospital and see if there was someone who was working on this problem that could help me. I have no discharge since coming to see Dr. Johnson. My skin problems have also cleared up. So it is now six months later and I am a happy healthy person with no more allergies or sinus problems or stomach problems. I am not depressed and feel every day is a great day. At 76 years old I did not think this was possible. Each day is a new day. Thanks to Dr. Johnson and his staff for without them I don't know where I would be today. My life has totally turned around and again I say thank you to all of you.

Joan Croft

Nutrition Works

For quite a while whenever I ate, I felt sick, nauseous in my stomach. Although I didn’t throw up, I felt like I could. Even when I ate good, healthy food, I would be belching and feel gaseous throughout my system. My stomach even felt swollen. I asked Dr. Johnson about it, he checked me with Contract Reflex Analysis (CRA) and confirmed it. He recommended a program that consisted of raw beets for six weeks, no dairy or wheat, supplements, and the Blood Type Diet. Within two weeks, I was 75% better. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I’m telling everybody about it. I never would have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me. I realize how important it is to be educated by Dr. Johnson. Thanks, Dr. J.

Connie Schultz
Macomb Twp., MI

Supplements Saved My LIfe

This past fall I was in the hospital for ten days for congestive heart failure. I had been taking water pills and they brought on an attack of gout. I couldn’t walk or put weight on my foot for six weeks. I got a new MD who checked my blood levels — my uric acid level was high. My foot swelled to the point where my skin peeled off. So I was sent to the hospital. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and taken off my supplements. The second and third days in the hospital I gained 10 pounds each day. Fortunately, the extra weight was water and came off before I left the hospital. When I got home, my chest hurt. So I started taking my supplements. Even my extremities got cold, ice cold, from bad circulation. But after three days on my supplements everything was ok. I’m doing much better now. I’m still on oxygen and need a walker. I can’t drive yet and have a visiting nurse come in to help me. When I was so sick, I couldn’t even load the dishwasher. Since getting back on my supplements, now I can. What a difference the supplements make! I wouldn’t be here without them. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, too for all your help over the years.

Connie Curtis
Romulus, MI

Colds Get Zapped

I normally get several colds in the fall and winter months. When catching a cold, generally I will be coughing for at least a month afterward. At my next appointment with Dr. Johnson, I told him how I was feeling and he suggested that I take Standard Process® Antronex® and Systemic Formulas Vivi (after testing me to see what my body needed). I took the Vivi in the morning and at night and the Antronex® every two hours. In 24 hours I was all better. What a relief. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Laurie Capoferi
Sterling Heights, MI

Augmenting Medical Cancer Treatment with Nutritional Support to Good Outcome

Dr. Johnson and staff, My name is Gina Sikon. I am 44 years young and have been a steady patient of yours for about 3 months now. About 4 years ago, a mutual church member told me about you and the wonderful things you do for his health. I was skeptical at first because I did not understand what you did. When I was diagnosed with Advanced Stage Breast Cancer, I thought it was the end for me, but after careful research and treatments, I realized the outcome of the cancer was up to me. I took charge of my eating habits, came to see you for nutrition and CRA and maintained a positive attitude. The supplements that you have me on have increased my healing and energy after completing the chemo and radiation. I attribute your expertise to my healing so fast from the fatigue caused by chemo and radiation. Just last weekend, I was out painting my picket fence and cleaning out my shed. I am confident that your services will help me overcome my surgery challenges as well. I recommend that anyone being treated for cancer get treatment from you along with the oncology team. Thank you for my wellness. I am celebrating life.

Gina M Sikon
Warren, MI

Dropped 2 Dress Sizes, Increased Energy, No Hunger with Personalized Nutrition Program

Dr. Johnson put me on several supplements and recommended that I follow the Blood Type Diet for my A type blood. I got the book and decided to comply. I love it! It’s perfect for me. I don’t struggle, don’t feel hungry, and I’m losing weight. I’m already down two dress sizes and my clothes are getting loose again. I usually snack on little things like carrot sticks, peanuts, raisins, soy chips (organic), blueberries, blackberries, broccoli, and peanut butter and celery. My endometriosis is better. I used to be in lots of pain during the daytime. Now it’s much better. And my periods are getting less painful and easier. My energy levels are up. I used to fall asleep anywhere, but now I have more energy. My cravings have decreased. Recently we went to Mackinaw Island. I love their fudge, but I didn’t want any. I did bring some home for my son and I didn’t want any of that. I haven’t had any problem with no meat. I eat chicken and salmon a lot. I’m really impressed with everything. I feel fifty times better and I’m exercising — doing more bike riding and walking the dog. I can’t believe how much better I feel! Thanks, Dr. J. Wendy Mann, Sterling Heights, MI Cholesterol and Triglycerides Lowered with Nutrition Program Last spring I had a bad report on my blood test. My medical doctor wanted to put me on Zocor and I told her, “over my dead body!” She agreed to let me try fish oil and see what happens. This week I got my new report back. Wow! Was she ever surprised! These changes are a result of taking 2 teaspoons of Carlson’s Lemon-Flavored Fish Oil and making no changes in my diet. March 31 July 12 Cholesterol 222 160 Triglycerides 274 95 LDL (the bad stuff) 117 88 HDL (the good stuff) 50 53 These new scores are excellent and no one is even mentioning “statin” drugs to me. Thanks, Dr. J, for getting me on the right path.

Diane Radtke
Shelby Township, MI

Insomnia and Exhausted Adrenals Improving

I knew I needed help when I was in my closet getting dressed and was holding on to the clothes bar wondering how I was going to even get through another day. Sleep was a luxury. I hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in I don’t know how long. A couple of my friends have seen Dr. Johnson and recommended him. At my first appointment, Dr. Johnson told me my adrenals were completely shot!! He was very concerned. Instead of waiting for the written report and then advising me, he started me on my supplements right away. In only three days I was sleeping!! I had to call the office and tell them, “I slept though the night for the first time in forever. I don’t know what these pills are doing, but I can’t wait to see what else they can do! It’s unbelievable, awesome! I feel so good!” I know I’m on my way to being healthy and I know it will take time, but it’s worth it. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Jackie Self
Washington, MI

Eczema, Low Energy and Food Allergies Taken Care of With NAET, Personalized Nutrition and Diet Changes

When I came to Dr. Johnson last fall, I had eczema on both hands and both lower legs. I had had it mostly in the winter since 2000 and it moved around. In 2003 it began to be all year. I also suffered from low energy, was tired all the time even though I got enough sleep. If that wasn’t enough, when I ate certain foods, I would get red spots all over my face. Dr. Johnson put me on several supplements and did allergy elimination treatments. I’m happy to say that as of last month my eczema is gone! Also, I’m more energetic and can do work around the house. This is wonderful for me. Thank you, Dr. Johnson.

Liliana Sirbu
Rochester, MI

Rash Helped with Special Product

Recently my husband was out in the sun and, when he came in, he noticed blister-type spots on his arms. They became itchy and nothing seemed to help. He told Dr. Johnson about it and Dr. Johnson recommended that he put Standard Process USF Ointment® on the rash. My husband did and now the spots are going away. I had been having trouble with a bite on my leg that was very itchy. Dr. Johnson recommended that I do the same with the USF Ointment®. Now the itching is gone and the bite is clearing up. Thanks, Dr. J.

Lorraine Rosebrugh
Romeo, MI

Teeth Were Turning Black - Now White

Two years ago I had lap band surgery to lose weight. The band helped me lose the weight but soon my teeth started turning black. The dental hygienist told me I had a nutritional deficiency. Since I work with the public in the entertainment field a lot, this was unacceptable. I had heard about Dr. Johnson and decided to give him a try. He checked me out and recommended several supplements. They worked! My teeth are now white. I had my check up a few days ago and my dental hygienist told me that all the black was gone and my teeth are now in good health. Thanks, Dr. Johnson. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Terri Farrar
St. Clair Shores, MI

Chronic Ear & Respiratory Infections - Even After Ear Tubes - GONE

My daughter Grace has suffered from ear infections since she was born 21 months ago. She was on antibiotics every month and had had tubes put in her ear. She also had respiratory problems with sneezing and runny nose. When the plastic tubes caused a reaction in her, the doctor said we’d have to put titanium tubes in and my husband and I both said NO. We put Grace on colloidal silver and she improved a lot. Then we brought her to Dr. Johnson. My husband and I both see Dr. Johnson and knew he could help Grace. With supplements and adjustments, Grace steadily improved. We also put an air filter in our house and that helped too. Now Grace enjoys her visits to Dr. Johnson. She loves the staff and looks forward to coming to see Dr. Johnson. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Julie Meredith
Shelby Township, MI

Help with Behavior, Sleep Problems & School Work

My son Michael was put on Adderall when he was in the third grade to help quiet him. Although he was put on the mildest dose initially, over the years the dosage was increased. Now he’s in junior high school and going through a huge growth spurt. My family and I have been patients of Dr. Johnson for quite a while. I told him about Michael’s problems — his inability to keep still and be quiet, his thrashing about during the night, his waking us up night after night talking in his sleep, and that I wanted to wean Michael off the Adderall. Dr. Johnson put Michael on Min-Tran® from Standard Process Inc®. Recently, Michael’s drafting teacher and an aide from the junior high both told me that Michael’s behavior had really changed. He now thinks in complete thoughts, speaks longer sentences, and has good behavior. I was impressed that two of Michael’s teachers would tell me about his improved behavior on the same day. Thanks Dr. Johnson for your help with all our family and especially with Michael.

Mary Ellen Van Slembrouck
Sterling Heights, MI

Help with Crohn's Disease After Medical Care Failed

My son Thomas had suffered from Crohn’s Disease since 1998. He’s been on all kinds of drugs and had been hospitalized several times. As a result, he had no energy, was lethargic, and became emotional. He couldn’t gain weight and at 12 years old only weighed 50 pounds. Thomas’s medical doctors put him on drugs and more drugs (at one point, taking 17 pills a day that weren’t working). He did go into remission after his bowel resection; however, it didn’t last. The doctors then said that Thomas needed a remicade infusion. The doctors had no idea what the side effects would be with this, so I said, “We’re done!” I had heard about Dr. Johnson from several friends. I made an appointment with him and brought Thomas in. It all seemed so strange — not at all like a “doctor’s office.” But the staff was nice and thorough and so was Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson examined Thomas, suggested some supplements for him and then put him on a special diet. None of the other medical doctors ever even hinted that Thomas might be eating something that disagreed with him. Not even at Children’s Hospital where there are dietitians on staff did anyone suggest that what Thomas was eating might be affecting his colon. Since coming to Dr. Johnson, Thomas is off all drugs. He takes his supplements and follows the eating plans laid out for him. He’s gained weight and is growing. He has energy now and can go out with his friends. Thomas is a self-motivated, conscientious student with Crohn’s. Thanks, Dr. J. for helping Thomas become the boy he was meant to be.

Denise Blower
Macomb, MI

Psoriasis NAET Testimonial

About eight months ago my grandson Josh began breaking out in what I though was pimples with some dandruff. By the end of the month I noticed some scaling, then I happened to see a sore on his leg that looked bad. I took him to a dermatologist who diagnosed Josh with psoriasis and told me Josh would just “have to live with it for life.” The MD gave us prescriptions for some of Josh’s body parts, but the condition still got worse. The dermatologist refused to give any more meds and Josh continued breaking out, as his “before” picture indicates. I took Josh to another chiropractor who refused to adjust Josh because of Josh’s skin condition. I got some “stuff” at the health food store and found another chiropractor who also knew about NAET. He referred Josh to still two more doctors. Finally, I got on the Internet and checked out NAET and psoriasis. I emailed three doctors and called two. Only Dr. Johnson replied and here we are. It was difficult for Josh in the beginning. Josh was upset and I was unsure. However, after two to three treatments, Josh’s body kicked in. In less than 2 months Josh was considerably improved. In fact, Josh had improved so much that he had his school pictures taken and you can see the difference. Since coming to Dr. Johnson and getting NAET treatments, Josh has become more outspoken and outgoing, and has more self confidence. He even makes up good jokes now. Thank you, Dr. Johnson, so much for giving my grandson back to me.

Irene Davis
Hazel Park, MI

Osteoporosis Reversal with Designed Clinical Nutirtion

Over a year and a half ago I read the book Perfect Bones. I was worried about osteoporosis as I had scored low on my last bone density test. My medical doctor put me on Fosamax. He said that the best he could do was to try to keep the osteoporosis from getting worse. At the end of the book, there was a number to call to find a doctor who could help with osteoporosis. The number was Standard Process Labs and they directed me to Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson checked me out and recommended special supplements to help with the osteoporosis. I followed Dr. J’s recommendations and when I had the bone density scan redone a few weeks ago, my score showed a dramatic improvement. My medical doctor was impressed. He was more so when I told him that I hadn’t been taking the Fosamax since I read Perfect Bones. He wanted to know all about my supplements and everything that I had done. Thanks to Dr. Johnson I’m doing better, I’m not getting worse or maintaining my bone loss. I think everyone with osteoporosis should read Perfect Bones and then discuss it with Dr. Johnson. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful.

G. F.
E. China, MI

Two weeks ago I began having joint pain in my shoulder, knee, and ankle. I play and teach piano and the pain began interfering with that. I was in pain off and on, but always in pain when I was at the piano. Also, when I put my handbag strap on my shoulder, I could hardly stand the pain. When I came to see Dr. Johnson for my regular adjustment, I told him about my pain and how bad it was. He suggested that I take Biost® from Standard Process Inc®. Three days after I started taking the Biost®, my pain was better; and after a week I hardly had any pain. Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for taking my pain away.

Viorica Burca
Rochester Hills, MI

For a long time, I broke out whenever I ate wheat. I had bumps on my arms and legs and my system wasn’t working right. Dr. Johnson suggested I eliminate wheat from my diet. It was hard but I did it. Now it’s been seven months since I’ve had wheat. My bumps are gone, I have more energy, my stomach pains are gone, and my system is working properly again. Thanks, Dr. J.

Terri Jones
Sterling Hgts., MI

Nine months ago I gave birth to my fourth child. This one was by c-section. I never felt right afterwards. The incision always bothered me. My one leg was still numb from the childbirth and I didn’t recover like I did with my other children. I came to Dr. Johnson and he recommended I use scar therapy for my incision. I followed his instructions and soon I felt better. Dr. Johnson also suggested I do the Standard Process 3-week cleanse. I did do it and I felt lighter, more energetic. In fact, I lost 14 pounds and feel great! Thanks to the scar therapy and the cleanse I now feel renewed. Thanks, Dr. J.

Lucia Lester
Shelby Township, MI

Back in 2000, I was diagnosed with mono and suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome until May of 2003. My medical doctor told me I had to live with the chronic fatigue, that eventually it would go away. He said, “Deal with it!” But it didn’t go away and I decided to “deal with it” in a different way. I saw Dr. Johnson for nutrition counseling. He treated me for the mono and said the virus was in my liver. Dr. J put me on special supplements and within weeks I could see a difference. It took a little over six months, but my chronic fatigue is gone. I feel great now.

Cathy VanderMaas
Kalamazoo, MI

After the holidays, I was feeling tired constantly. I had no energy, so I went to my medical doctor and had blood work done—thyroid, etc. The doctor told me everything was okay and that I was depressed. He gave me a prescription for antidepressants. I didn’t take it. Instead, I came to see Dr. Johnson. I’ve been a chiropractic patient for years and I trusted Dr. Johnson to tell me why I was feeling so bad. After checking me with Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Dr. Johnson suggested I go on the Standard Process Inc® whole body cleanse program. What a difference! I have so much more energy now. My system has regulated itself and I feel great! I’m back to working out again, something I couldn’t do before. I’m even still eating a lot of the foods I ate on the program because they make me feel good and give me energy. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help.

Kitty Montroy
Rochester Hills, MI

For over 14 years after the birth of my daughter, I did not feel well. I saw many regular medical doctors and they couldn’t find out what was wrong either. During the past two years, I frequently suffered from dry eyes. The last time the symptoms wouldn’t go away. My ophthalmologist told me I had no tear layers and needed tear plugs. So I did it. Big mistake. Now my eyes tear all the time. I went on the Internet to research my symptoms after my doctor told me my tearing was chronic and wouldn’t change. I found another chiropractor and nutritionist and went to him. Because of the long distance involved, I came here for my supplements. When I wasn’t having the success I thought I should have, I decided to try Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson examined me and put me on supplements, a whole new nutritional program and NO wheat or dairy. In 4 weeks I saw dramatic improvements. I had energy, didn’t need to nap every day, and best of all, NO TEARS. The medical doctors tried to tell me I had severe illnesses even though my tests were all normal. Now I know what a difference the whole body concept can make. I had an amazing reaction using CRA and supplements. I tell everyone about Dr. Johnson. He helped me and he can help you.

Sue Birkam
Shelby Township, MI

I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for almost twenty years as has most of my family. When winter and dark, short days came, I became severely depressed and lacked all ambition. I just wanted to crawl back into my bed and hibernate. Dr. Johnson has been my chiropractor for many years. I told him about my SAD problem and he had me complete a nutritional survey. He then asked me to take several supplements every day. I did and within a week I was better. It was a virtual, instantaneous success! My symptoms went away and I felt 100% better. Thanks, Dr. Johnson for all your help over the years and especially for ridding me of SAD.

Ron Toomer
Sterling Heights, MI

A couple of months ago Dr. Johnson suggested that my family and I take ground flax seeds. We followed his directions and soon noticed some differences, especially my husband. In the two months since we started taking ground flax seeds, my husband’s cholesterol went from 240 to 180, his HDL (the good stuff) went from 36 to 50, his triglycerides from 334 to 80, and finally his TSH which has always been abnormal is now normal. These are fantastic results for someone only taking ¼ cup of ground flax seeds in some yogurt every day. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Dennis Chapman
Lapeer, MI

I had been feeling bad, tired with low energy. I constantly suffered from cold sores and my heartbeat was not regular. I’ve had heart problems since I was a child, but I was able to cope with them back then. Now, I’m a butcher and a firefighter who loves mountain biking. A friend from the military recommended that I see Dr. Johnson, who put me on a recommended course of supplements. I definitely have had good positive results and more energy. I’ve been coming to Dr. Johnson for over a year now and although the going was slow in the beginning, I’m feeling better and better. I also suffered from joint problems. Dr. Johnson recommended supplements with calcium and now my joint pains are gone. I’m really grateful to Dr. Johnson for all the help he’s given me.

Ed LaFeldt
Hubbard Lake, MI

My son Marco was very healthy until the age of two. He then began suffering from recurrent ear infections. In fact, in one year when he was two to three years old, he was treated for 10 ear infections in 12 months. I had taken Marco to the pediatrician and it was determined that he should have tubes in his ears. The ears, nose, and throat specialist agreed. We were getting ready for the surgery when I went to a Newcomers meeting (we had just moved to Michigan). Dr. Johnson was the speaker that night and, although I don’t remember what he talked about, I remember thinking that maybe he could help Marco. I really believe that the less invasive any treatment is the better. I called the office and brought Marco in for an exam to see what could be done. Dr. Johnson was very thorough. He used Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and determined what supplements Marco needed. Marco took the supplements and did not have the surgery. In the past several years since being under Dr. Johnson’s care, he has only taken antibiotics once for “swimmer’s ear.” I’m so happy we didn’t go ahead with the surgery. I’ve heard so many things about ear tubes — that you can’t take baths or swim normally or without ear coverings as well as other bad side effects. In addition, I had no idea how bad antibiotics were until my second son had something in his eye and we went to the doctor. The doctor told us he had a double ear infection and offered to give him antibiotics. When I asked her if I MUST give the antibiotics, she said no, that 80% of ear infections go away by themselves. Marco’s been doing very well. He’s now getting NAET (allergy elimination) treatments and fighting the effects of all the antibiotics he took over the first few years of his life. Dr. Johnson has really been terrific. He’s helped Marco tremendously. I certainly would recommend him for all children, especially those with ear infections.

Lynne Micheletta
Sterling Hgts., MI

About a year ago, my knees began to ache and swell. Since I work in sales and am on my feet all day, this posed a real problem. I went to my medical doctor who put me on Celebrex and had me wear a knee brace. This took the swelling down but the pain remained. Soon all my muscles in my arms and legs ached, then I ached all over. It was really hard to go to work. I’ve been coming to Dr. Johnson since 1995. On a recent visit, I asked him about my problem. He checked me out and put me on Standard Process Inc® Cataplex® B. Within three days the swelling was gone. It was like a miracle! Now I have no aches and I’m happy to go to work.. Dr. Johnson told me I had a Vitamin B deficiency. Once I got the vitamin in my system I was fine. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Rosemary Sandor
Avoca, MI

For months I suffered from an upset stomach. I know all the tales — I don’t eat right, the older you get the harder it is, and many more. I’ve been a practice member here at the clinic for several years, so I asked Dr. Johnson about my stomach problems. He suggested I take Standard Process Inc® Collinsonia Root. I took some and within four hours my stomach was better. I’ve been taking it ever since and haven’t had any more stomach problems. Several weeks ago I had hemorrhoid surgery and the medical doctor had told me that I would need another surgery to correct the problem. Since taking the Collinsonia Root, I have been so much better that I can cancel my upcoming surgery. I also had some pain in my upper back area. Dr. J checked me out and suggested Standard Process Inc® A-F Betafood. I’ve been feeling a lot better since I started taking it. In addition to the supplements, Dr. Johnson recommended dietary changes. I’ve increased the amounts of fruits and vegetables I eat, stopped the carbonated beverages (especially pop), increased the amount of water I drink, and added iced tea to what I drink. I really am feeling so much better. I can’t believe how fast the changes occurred. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Ron Maniaci
Shelby Township, MI

Recently, I was feeling very weak from what started as a summer cold and sore throat. While on vacation, I had been exposed to some indirect cigarette smoke and at the same time some very cold air conditioning, which made me weaker. I had to go slow returning home and was concerned that I would once again have to take antibiotics to recover. I saw Dr. Johnson. He checked me over and said I had a left master allergy/strept allergy reflex. I’ve benefited from CRA since 1974, but didn’t realize that Dr. Karl had extended the benefits of CRA and his expertise to areas traditionally reserved for “antibiotics”. Of course, to be fair, physicians in general are shying away from them due to their long-term side effects. Right away, Dr. Johnson put me on Bactrex plus other supplements that reflect the relationship between the adrenal glands and respiratory illness. Although it took a few extra days, for the first time, I was able to recover without the use of antibiotics. Thanks, Dr. Johnson. I’m grateful for the full recovery and more importantly, for instructing me on a much better approach to healing respiratory illnesses.

Mr. Blair Myers
Clinton Township, MI

I first came to Dr. Johnson for treatment of asthma, allergies, and high blood pressure. I also wanted to lose weight. Dr. Johnson told me I shouldn’t start any diets until I was healthier. He worked with me using chiropractic adjustments and Contact Reflex Analysis® with nutritional supplements. When I was very young, I was quite active. But when I moved to the U.S. from Sweden, I became very sick. The air here was difficult for me to breathe. I ended up spending almost a year in bed, then I found Dr. Johnson. As my asthma came under control and I started to get better, I wanted to lose the many pounds that I had gained. I heard about Eat Right for Your Blood Type, a great book by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. Many of the staff (including Dr. Johnson) had read the book and were following the eating plan suggested for their blood types. I decided to give it a try. The program didn’t work well for me in the beginning. I lost 12 pounds quickly then stopped. It wasn’t until I had my health under control, followed the diet and took up Tae Bo exercising that the weight started to come off. So far I’ve lost 40 pounds and I’m continuing to lose. But I have to work at it all the time. I exercise every morning Monday through Friday and take the weekend off. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do Tae Bo exercises with a Billy Blanks video. On Tuesday and Thursday, I walk. I think everyone needs to find the kind of exercise they like and then do it. If you want to do the tae bo, start slowly and watch your knees and neck. Don’t overdo it. Go slowly and do what you can. It took me a long time to find a program that worked for me. I like the blood type food program. I feel so much better and Dr. Johnson has been so helpful. If anyone would like to talk to me about my diet and exercise program as well as my care under Dr. Johnson, please give me a call at (248) 585-3012. Remember that you need adjustments, nutrition (including supplements and diet), and exercise. All three together is what will do it. Thanks Dr. Johnson for all your help.

Ann Lowback
Royal Oak, MI

Several months ago my medical doctor told me that I was a borderline diabetic. I knew I suffered from low blood sugar because I was shaky in the afternoon. I also suffered from acid reflux and wanted to get rid of that. I decided the best way was to get rid of sugar and white flour in my diet. I read the book, “Protein Power” by Michael Eades and decided to follow the program. I was allowed 30 grams of carbohydrate per day, so there went all the things I loved to eat. In the past four months, I’ve lost 30 pounds and still counting. I follow the program and take the supplements Dr. Johnson recommended. I’ve been losing between 1 and 2 pounds per week. Needless to say, I’m not diabetic, I’m not shaky in the afternoon, I have no acid reflux anymore. I’m getting my adjustments, taking my supplements, following my diet — and I feel great!

Deanna Fitzgerald
Rochester Hills, MI

About ten years ago I had to have a cardiac catherization done because my cardiologist didn’t know why I was having chest pains. The results were good but I had a 10% build up in my coronary artery. Since then I’ve been working with Dr. Johnson to regulate my mitral valve using Cardio Plus and also taking flax oil. Recently, I had to have another cardiac catherization done because my cardiologist felt I was under too much stress and that I probably had a lot of plaque build-up where the 10% had been. The results surprised him. I had no build-up there. Even the 10% was gone. I believe that was the action of the flax oil. I’ve been told that it’s wonderful for cholesterol and now I believe it. Thanks Dr. Johnson for the good work that you do.

Shelby Township, MI

My teenage daughter Katy has been on and off antibiotics since she was born. In fact, due to health challenges I experienced during labor and birth, Katy had an antibiotic IV stuck in her head as soon as she was born. As a child, she suffered from many upper respiratory infections, sinus and throat infections. In fact, she was on antibiotics more than she was off them. Recently, Katy developed a fever and congestion. She was several days into her illness when we had our chiropractic appointment with Dr. Johnson. I told him about Katy’s problems and he suggested we put her on Standard Process Inc® Antronex® and Congaplex®. We hadn’t been coming for nutrition, only for chiropractic, so I was skeptical about this. But I was ready to try anything. I didn’t want Katy on drugs any more. Imagine my surprise when three days later Katy was fine! This was the first time she had ever gotten through an illness without antibiotics since she was born. What can I say! I was rooted in the medical world. Slowly, my daughter and I were becoming converts to alternative medicine. However, NOW I’m a believer!! In fact, this was is the best way. Medicine is now the alternative, an alternative I prefer to avoid. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Denise Kluck
Sterling Heights, MI

Although I’ve been a patient of Dr. Johnson’s for several years, it was only recently that I realized what good care I was getting. I had gone for my mammogram and was told there was a lump. I mentioned this to Dr. Johnson on my regular visit. He suggested that I take some Standard Process Inc® Cataplex® E and some Standard Process Inc® Mammary PMG®. I did. About three weeks later, after I had seen a specialist, I went in for my surgery. Before this type of surgery, the doctor has another mammogram done. I had my mammogram and was waiting to go to surgery when the doctor came in and told me to get dressed, that the lump was gone. The only different thing that I had done was to take those supplements. The lump is gone and I don’t need to have another mammogram for 6 months. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your good advice.

Jo Schon
Shelby Township, MI

Last April Dr. Johnson told me to take Osteo B+. He said my nutrition check up indicated that I needed it. What a difference! I’ve experienced increased energy in every phase of my life! He also told me to give up wheat. I did. I didn’t switch to other grains, I just stopped eating anything with wheat in it. As my energy increased, I started walking and doing some weight lifting and now, nine months later, I’ve lost 50 pounds and I feel great. My energy levels are high, I eat small meals throughout the day. I don’t walk as much as I used to, but I have no trouble maintaining my weight. My husband can’t get over the change in me. I love it. Thanks, Dr. J.

Shelby Twp., MI

Last week I had my regularly scheduled nutrition appointment and I almost canceled it because I felt dizzy, achy, nauseous — all flu symptoms. But I didn’t. I came in. That was the best thing I ever did. Dr. Johnson tested me using Contact Reflex Analysis© (CRA) and told me I was coming down with the flu. He suggested I take VIVI. I did and in 24 hours I was fine! It was gone completely. The next day my son told me he didn’t feel good; he had the same symptoms. I told him to take the VIVI before he went to bed. He did and the next day he was fine. Not just 50% better, but fine, 100%. I’m certainly glad I kept my appointment with Dr. Johnson when I wasn’t feeling good. He can really help in all kinds of cases. When you don’t feel good, think you have the flu, or just aren’t up to par, please don’t cancel your appointments. Dr. Johnson can help. You only have to ask him. Thanks, Dr. J.

Angela Serra
Clinton Twp., MI

Dear Dr. Karl Johnson, My search to clear the strept throat my daughter had monthly for the past two years, is what led me to your practice. Jacqueline started treatment in September 1997, after I was impressed at how well you had helped me. Your initial CRA showed an overgrowth of yeast weakening her immune system. The first couple weeks of treatment was rough for her. Killing the yeast seemed to make her tired and want junk food more than ever. Imagine my response when the teacher told me this year the child I thought was always bright and happy may have a learning disability. I was so upset. Why? How had this happened? Her grades starting off this school year were low but, I attributed it to the jump from lower to upper elementary. My brief visits with the teacher found me: working harder with her at home, extra math help at school, and a school liaison for helping with self esteem. Not to mention the teachers patience as I explained well, she is under the care of a nutritionist please give her system a chance to rebuild. She probably thought I was nuts. But, agreed to give her until after Christmas break. It didn't take that long. A few weeks later the parent teacher conference was a great success. Meeting with both the teacher and the core math teacher there was only positive feelings on Jacqueline's improvement. The teacher explained, "Mrs. Puuri, I am here to tell you whatever you are doing at home, keep it up. Jackie is a different child than who came into my class in August." Thinking back I realized that Jacqueline has been short changed. Sick most of her first and second grade year. She didn't miss that much school but, never felt well. Sinus infections seem to make you feel like you have cotton in your head. Sore throats make you want to sleep to forget the pain. How could anyone learn like that? Steps taken at home were to go back and teach the basics 1 + 1 = 2 etc., and that became difficult with trying to keep up with homework, housework, working at school and mom’s full time job. Mostly, I could only keep up the nutrition. The rest she was able to do once she felt better. For the first time in her life she is like a sponge. She is absorbing and comprehending better than ever. Just last week the teacher said, "and has Jackie read out loud to you lately? She is doing great. Just blossoming." Early in the year her grades ranged from 34% to 56 %. Again, I thought this was probably how the whole class was doing. Currently, the teacher feels that Jacqueline is slightly down but, at the end of the year will be right where she needs to be. The last file she brought home was on reading. “Bring this home and show it to Mom,” said the teacher. Jackie was quite proud. Thirteen papers that averaged a whopping 95%. Later that evening I mentioned to Jacqueline that I would be writing this success story. In doing so I hoped it would help other parents decide to try nutrition with Dr. Johnson before any other type of treatment. "Is there anything you would like to add to the letter, Jackie?" I asked. "Like what do they want to know? "she asked. “Like do you think you feel different since you have went to Dr. Johnson?” "I feel good," she said. "Mommy is it OK to feel good everyday?" Yes, I assured her that it is OK to feel good and I am glad she does!

Linda LaCroix-Puuri

When I first brought my son, Jake, to Dr. Johnson almost two years ago, he was noisy, destructive, couldn’t sit still, hyperactive child of 4. I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what to do. Dr. Johnson put him on supplements and told me I wouldn’t see any improvement for 3 or 4 months. Several weeks went by and I was ready to give up. However, I soon noticed that Jake wasn’t as noisy, could actually sit still for a minute. It had been three and one-half months since he started treatment. Soon he was behaving and listening to me. Before I couldn’t give him a “time out” because he couldn’t control himself enough to sit still. Now he can and does. Recently with school starting, Jake went back to his former speech teacher, who hadn’t seen him in over a year. She couldn’t believe the change. He had gone from a two-word vocabulary to sentences. He has made tremendous progress, but there is still more work to do. With Dr. Johnson’s help, I know my son will continue to improve. An additional benefit my family has experienced since coming to the clinic is wellness. My husband has not yet seen the light and come to Dr. Johnson, so he catches many colds and viruses going around. My two sons and I always used to get sick too. Now only my husband continues to get “sick.” My sons and I remain healthy. Thank you, Dr. Johnson.

Washington, MI

I started seeing Dr. Johnson in October, 1995. At the time I had a mitral valve prolapse, which caused skipping heart beats. Dr. Johnson put me on Standard Process Inc® Cardio-Plus® to help regulate my heart. In the beginning, I could only take one quarter of a pill because it upset my stomach. After two months on Standard Process Inc® Cardio-Plus®, my heart was no longer skipping beats. I continued taking the Standard Process Inc® Cardio-Plus® and gradually increased the dosage. In September 1998 I went to my cardiologist for update testing. I had a Thallium Stress Test and an Ultrasound. The results were surprising to say the least. I no longer had a mitral valve prolapse! I am fine. I’m still maintaining my Standard Process Inc® Cardio-Plus®; It’s worth it for my heart. Thanks to Dr. Johnson I feel great.

Gunnel Stahl
Shelby Township

My whole body hurt! My problems included asthma, congestive heart failure, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, fibroid tumors, and an enlarged liver. An auto accident 30 years ago injured 13 vertebras and the tip of my pelvis. I've also broken both legs, one of which is over-corrected caused my hip to go out of place. I've tried all kinds of doctors and medicines, even sleeping with oxygen, without success. A friend said that he has seen Dr. Johnson help other people. I was desperate. I had tried everything else and this was my last hope. At my first visit, Dr. Johnson knew what I was talking about. He answered all my questions, performed many different tests, and started me on both chiropractic adjustments and nutritional supplements. At first I came every day, now once a week. Every visit I learn more about how to care for myself. I am very pleased. In six months I've made progress. I'm off my inhalers for asthma, as well as most of my medication. When I have chest pains now, they stop in about 20 minutes without any medicine. I used to sleep 22 hours a day and felt exhausted all the time. Now I sleep about 8 hours a day, take no naps, and feel more energetic. If Dr. Johnson hadn't listened to me, believed in me, and helped me, I don't think I'd be here today. Chiropractic should be a way of life for everyone. My body parts were degenerating, dying. Now that my vertebrae are in place and my heart, lungs, and other organs are being fed, they are healing. I can feel it. Thanks, Dr. Johnson. Connie Curtis September, 1994 Update — February 9, 1998 After years of being unable to drive, I can now drive from Redford to Dr. Johnson’s office all by myself! This is only part of the many wonderful things that have happened to me over the last several years. My heart has improved thanks to Standard Process Inc® Cardio-Plus® and Vasculin®. It really has made a huge difference. Recently I had to go off my supplements for a few days. I really had a difficult time. I experienced symptoms that I thought were gone forever. When my asthma acts up, my lungs fill with fluid, then my heart is overworked. I feel horrid. I take additional Standard Process Inc® Cardio-Plus® and I am quickly back to normal. I’m also using cayenne pepper to help remove fluids. Dr. Johnson has helped so much. I can’t thank him enough. I had been feeling down all the time, had no energy — I really felt like “doggie do do”! I slept nine to ten hours per night and still felt tired and I gained weight. My medical doctor said I was okay. He increased my thyroid medication and I went downhill from there. Then I saw a specialist who ran a lot of blood tests and told me I was fine. I told my chiropractor in Richmond and he sent me to Dr. Johnson, who he said could help me. Dr. Johnson examined me using Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and prescribed several nutritional supplements. Now, almost four months later, I feel fine. I have my energy back and can do things I couldn’t do before like karate and staying up after 10:00 p.m. I’m also sleeping only six hours a day and feel rested and energized. My body once again feels like it’s functioning properly. Thanks, Dr. Johnson!

Richmond, MI

My medical doctor told me that I was borderline to having osteoporosis. He wanted to do several bone density tests during the coming months. I was panic stricken and rushed to Dr. Johnson, who has been my chiropractor since 1994. I told him what the doctor had said and he added Osteo B Plus to my supplement regimen. I’m happy to report that my 6-month test was improved. In fact, I don’t have to go back for a year now. I also haven’t lost any height. I showed my M.D. the Osteo B Plus and he said I didn’t need it. He said, “I’m the doctor and I know! You don’t need that!” Well, I guess he doesn’t know it all. Dr. Johnson has done more for me through chiropractic and nutrition than any M.D. ever did. Thanks, Dr. J.

Dolores Kaza
Shelby Township, MI

My son Dan was diagnosed with chronic diarrhea. Since birth he has suffered from gastroenteritis, bowel incontinence, earaches, hearing loss, speech impairment, and learning disabilities. He has always been ill, not feeling well, and didn’t want to learn. School was a struggle and missing 40 to 50 days each year left his grades all D’s and E’s. But the school passed him because he has been in Special Ed. He was so discouraged, even activities were limited. When you don’t feel good, you can’t learn. He’s even been in the hospital for dehydration, diarrhea, and croup. During the past 9 years, we have been to family doctors, pediatricians, M.D.’s, D.O.’s, Children’s Hospital, Gastroentrologist, Endocrinologist, etc. None of them could find anything wrong! Dan’s taken every antibiotic, ear drops, cough syrups, antacids, and donnatal. He’s been on special diets since birth —ABC diet, low fat, high fiber, and others. My sister is a practice member. I was skeptical but desperate. So I brought Dan to Dr. Johnson. He started in April of 1999 and in two weeks his diarrhea slowed. Dan started school attendance daily and in one month he was doing his school work. His stomach pain is less and he hasn’t been sick for two months now. He thinking again because of the adjustments. He now writes legibly and has started writing in cursive. Because of his improvement the school board passed him instead of failing this year. Test finals were B’s — Great! He feels much better. Since coming here and being adjusted and taking nutritional supplements, Dan can think! The doctors say there is nothing wrong, to come back in six months. Well, in two months time, he hasn’t been sick and is feeling good. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Wyandotte, MI

For the past six years, I have had no energy as well as gastro-esophaegeal reflux disease. I’ve taken lots of prescription drugs. In addition, I was very limited in what I could eat. Between the drugs and the diet I became very depressed. About three months ago a friend recommended Dr. Johnson. I was skeptical. I had never considered a chiropractor and was quite leery of Contact Reflex Analysis®. With Dr., Johnson’s help, I am now off all my prescription drugs and I can eat again. I’m eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables that I couldn’t eat before. It’s wonderful. Although Dr. Johnson has worked primarily CRA with me, he has also helped me by giving me adjustments for my hiatal hernia. I’m really thankful. God opens doors for people, we just have to be willing to go through them. I’d recommend Dr. Johnson to everyone. He really can help.

Sterling Hgts., MI

For the past several years every fall, winter, and spring I have taken antibiotics for sinus infections. When the weather changes — leaves fall to the ground in the fall and grow back in the spring — I become very dizzy, so much so that I could hardly walk. Since coming to Dr. Johnson, I am happy to report that this year I have had no problems. I have not had a sinus infection and I have not taken any antibiotics. When I started having problems in the fall, Dr. Johnson prescribed some supplements for me. I feel great. I’m taking Standard Process Inc® Allerplex® and have been able to control my sinuses this year. I also have more energy and feel much better.

Shelby Township, MI

When I first came to Dr. Johnson almost two and a half years ago, I was always tired, crabby, cranky, bruised, sleeping well but not rested — I was too young to feel like this!! But I thought I was healthy. I was eating properly (or so I thought) and getting exercise. I originally came to Dr. Johnson for a back problem, and I decided to take advantage of the nutritional counseling too. Dr. Johnson told me to take flax seed oil and cut out all the “white stuff” — flour, sugar, milk, etc. I did. Within three weeks I found myself bounding out of bed. I thought, “what the heck is going on?” I decided it was a fluke and wouldn’t happen again. But it did. Morning after morning I would get up with lots of energy, even those mornings when I hadn’t had much sleep. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. Now, I am healthy. I have no more headaches either. I can’t remember when I took my last Tylenol. I’m weaning my kids off the white stuff too. They are much better for it. I buy only natural foods now. I’m a believer! I’ll stand on a pulpit and shout it! Dr. Johnson has really helped my family and me. I certainly recommend him to everyone. If you do nothing else, please give up the “white stuff.” It’ll make a healthier you and a happier one too.

Sterling Heights, MI

I was suffering from temperature fluctuations, headaches, backaches and irritable bowel syndrome. I had seen my family physician, who was helpful but was not a turning point for me. He had given me muscle relaxants and pain pills, but that didn’t work. I was in pain again four hours later. So I asked a lot of questions and decided to try Dr. Johnson after one of his patients told me about him. My exam was thorough. Many tests were done and x-rays were taken. I was skeptical, but I decided to give chiropractic a try. I started about four months ago and after three visits I was definitely improving. Then Terri convinced me that CRA was the way to go to see further improvements. And both the adjustments and the nutrition counseling have helped me attain a 90% improvement. I love to do my “sit-ups” and now I can do them much better. Every night I do 90 sit-ups in three or so minutes. I’m more limber and agile now and definitely “sharp as a tack”! Thanks Dr. J.


When I came to see Dr. Johnson, I was tired and worn out I knew I had a heart problem and I was scared every day that I was going to have a heart attack, especially since I was suffering from chest pains and heart disease runs in my family. Dr. Johnson examined me and prescribed nutritional supplements. I couldn’t believe it, I noticed a big difference by the second day. My chest pains were not so severe. Since then I have improved steadily. I now am a chiropractic patient as well, and the adjustments are helping the numbness in my arms and fingers. Currently, I’m working a lot of hours. If it weren’t for Dr. Johnson, I’d be crawling on the floor. I’ve told my co-workers and my boss about Dr. Johnson and hope they will become patients too. I like this new healthy feeling. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Eastpointe, MI

I originally came to Dr. Johnson on the recommendations of both my husband and a friend because I had a sleep problem. But he has helped me with far more than just my sleep problem. I’d had a sleep problem all my life. I just couldn’t sleep. I’d go for over a week without sleeping. The doctors all gave me sleep drugs and anti-depressant drugs, and muscle relaxants, and more. Going through menopause at the same time complicated all this. However, nothing worked. I just couldn’t sleep. Naturally, I became desperate and I didn’t want to be on drugs anymore! After just three weeks of supplements and adjustments, I slept. It was May 20, 2000 and the first time in three and a half years that I slept through the night. Oh, I awoke a couple of times, but this time I was able to return to sleep quickly. It used to be that about 3:00 p.m. I would start worrying about whether or not I would be able to sleep. Now I don’t. For years my doctor has had me taking calcium carbonate. I developed “phantom” pain in my ribcage, from my shoulder to my elbow — actually, I hurt from my waist up. Dr. Johnson switched me to Standard Process Inc® Cal-Ma Plus®, and after one day the pain was gone and hasn’t returned. I couldn’t believe that the difference in the types of calcium could affect one so. Now my neck is better too. Some other positive changes include following the blood type diets. I gave up wheat, diet pop, and most of my coffee. The result was that I lost 31 pounds and now feel so much better. I exercise every day now too. When I decided to come to Dr. Johnson, I made the decision that I’m worth every penny that I will have to spend to get well. Our insurance didn’t cover any of the costs here at the clinic. But…I wanted to get healthy, feel good and function normally again. The financial investment and the time investment have been well worth it. I’m very, very pleased! The staff is wonderful and I can’t tell people enough about Dr. Johnson. I share his card with everyone I meet.

Mary Wade
Sterling Heights, MI

For year I’ve struggles with my weight, often feeling it was out of control. I was always tired, had sugar cravings and liked to eat late at night. I dieted and dieted for years. I finally decided that I had a chemical and nutritional problem. About that time, a friend suggested I talk to Dr. Johnson. I was quite skeptical about it all. I wasn’t sure and thought that the ways that the nerves work sounded like “voodoo” medicine. However, I persisted. Dr. Johnson examined me using the Autonomic Response Technique and Contact Reflex Analysis® and found problems with my gallbladder and adrenal glands. I began taking the supplements Dr. Johnson suggested and soon my cravings were gone. Now I’m able to avoid those late night junk food snacks. In fact, I have no cravings for sweets. Because of Dr. Johnson’s care, I am now more motivated to read about whole foods. I’m following the Type O diet and firmly believe that the worst thing that was ever done was to label sugar as a food. I’d certainly recommend Dr. Johnson to others. He’s helped me and he can help you.

Royal Oak, MI

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