I Feel 25 Years Younger!

Before, I didn’t know what Chiropractic really was and I was not so sure it would be for me. Several years ago, doctors were not supportive about Chiropractic practice. But, now, I am so happy I gave Dr. Johnson a try because he helped me when no one else was able to.
I have been going to Dr. Johnson for several years now on a regular basis. Dr. Johnson has helped me overcome my headaches and several allergies and back problems. I truly believe that because of the adjustments I am getting from Dr. Johnson, I am in much better health. And, the really neat thing is that I don’t feel my age anymore- I feel more like 40 years old instead of my current age of 65 years. I exercise and ride my bike on a regular basis along with having regular visits to Dr. Johnson.
Thank you Dr. Johnson and staff! I owe you my youthful feeling and outlook on this wonderful life!

Linda Walling
Shelby Township, MI

My Body is Healing All By Itself...Again! Without Drugs or Surgery!

One day some twenty plus years ago, my boss told me about this wonderful Dr. Johnson. My boss was greatly helping his wife out of pain from her severe arthritis.
I had one or two adjustments from different doctors but was not convinced that I needed to pay attention to my spine. I already had a right and left hip prosthesis from a childhood disease, which give me an abnormal posture.
I decided that maybe I should take better care of my spine since so many nerves are protected by the vertebra. I started having regular adjustments with Dr. Johnson and was pleased with my added mobility and energy. I was doing maintenance and improving my posture.
As I increased in age and various physical problems arose, Dr. Johnson always had solutions. I was constantly amazed at the wealth of knowledge stored in his mind. He corrected problems generated by the spine. He corrected other problems with nutrition and exercise suggestions. N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) greatly helped with allergy conditions. He even told me what to do for a split fingernail and it worked!
Now I do not hesitate to tell Dr. Johnson about anything going on with my body. Dr. Johnson will most likely have the answer to any problem that arises before even thinking about or resorting to medications and/or surgery.
I enjoy my hugs from this caring healer. My visits always entail laughter and I always leave with good feelings. The office staff is also pleasant and jovial. Each visit brings physical and mental healing. Thank you Dr. Johnson! Thank you!

Doris Chase
Rochester Hills, MI

Golfing Again!

 I’m a recreational golfer. I like to play on a league once a week. However, about a month ago I started having a sharp pain that went up my back and through my ribcage, especially when I twisted or rotated my body. Naturally, this affected my golf game. I tried to play, but it hurt too much. I could sit, stand, walk, and lie down — but I couldn’t swing a golf club.
I went to my medical doctor and had x-rays and an EMG done. He put me on pain medications, which helped a little. But when the pain medication wore off, I hurt as much as before.
My wife and I had attended a couple of Dr. Johnson’s seminars. She has gotten supplements from Dr. Johnson and we have friends who are patients of Dr. Johnson. I thought I’d give him a try.
Dr. Johnson adjusted me three times a week for a few weeks. I felt better by the end of the first week. Now I feel great! In fact, I just played golf today and did pretty well too. Thanks, Dr. Johnson for all your help.
Marvin Himmler
Shelby Township, MI

Back Pain Resolved!

Last February, about five months ago, I fell over my dog. I ended up with three herniated lumbar discs. I was in pain all the time — 24/7. I couldn’t lay, sit, or walk. My medical doctor had me get an MRI. I tried physical therapy, but it was not successful. The doctor then suggested a shot of steroids directly into the affected area, and finally surgery. I didn’t like that idea.
My mother suggested Dr. Johnson. She’s been coming to Dr. J for several years and really likes him. I had been to DO's for manipulations, to other chiropractors (I didn’t like them), and to medical doctors. On my mother’s advice, I came to see Dr. Johnson.
I noticed a big difference after my first adjustment. My pain became tolerable. It was even better after my second adjustment. I was ready to give up and now I’m alive! It feels good to be alive! Thanks, Dr. Johnson!

Jeri Kaniewski
Dearborn, MI

Depression, Low Energy, Sleeplessness and Lethargy Taken Care of with Chiropractic

Dr. Johnson has been my chiropractor for over 15 years. However, last March I had surgery on my knee. I was on crutches for a while and couldn’t get in for my regular adjustments.
During that time, about four months, I became depressed, my energy level dropped, and I lost my appetite. I lost eleven pounds, which I didn’t need to lose. I felt so bad that I didn’t even feel like coming in for an adjustment when I could.
Finally, I made it in and Dr. Johnson adjusted me. After a few adjustments I’m doing fine! My energy levels are back up; I feel better and have more ambition. Now I get up and do things around my house like cleaning. I’m sleeping better now too.
I know how important it is to keep my adjustment appointments. The adjustments are helping the pain in
my knee too. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help.

Barbara Broughton
Macomb Township, MI

Nasty Back Pain Gone - Able To Enjoy Life Again

Several weeks ago I realized that I had a major problem with my back. It started slowly with a backache and progressed to the point that I couldn’t move or sit or even lie down comfortably. I had been Dr. Johnson’s patient for several years and then stopped getting regular adjustments. So I called him and came in.
Dr. Johnson told me I had a sacroiliac problem. I began regular adjustments and soon was feeling better. Now, almost two months later I feel 15 years younger. I have no aches or pains and I feel great! My husband and I enjoy country western dancing. We have for the past 12 years. Now we can dance again. We go to a 2-hour dance class every week and now I’m enjoying it again.
Coming to Dr. Johnson is a great experience that I highly recommend for everyone. He loves people and it shows.
Patricia Badalamento
Washington Twp., MI

Serious Back Pain Removed and Will To Live Restored

Three months ago I fell. I fractured my ribs and hurt my hip. The pain got worse and I couldn’t sleep. It hurt to move or walk, and I couldn’t do many of my routine chores. Even the pain medications the doctor gave me didn’t work. I hurt so much that I didn’t care if I lived or died.
My daughter has been coming to Dr. Johnson for a couple of years and she likes him. She brought me to see him when nothing was helping. After a thorough exam, Dr. Johnson adjusted me.
Now I’ve been getting adjusted for a couple of months and I felt better after 2 weeks. Now I feel good! I want to live! I feel good and I can get back to my hobbies of crocheting and playing cards.

Dorothy Dawood
Washington, MI

Chronic Neck Spasms and Weakness Eliminated

I had come in to see Dr. Johnson after 3 weeks of a severe muscle spasm. I had gotten these spasms over the past five years, but they were becoming more frequent and more severe.
After being treated by Dr. Johnson, not only did I start to feel relief, I began to “feel” better. I can walk taller, feel strength in my back and neck, and I can actually lift heavy items again. I actually feel healthy again.
Thank you, Dr. Johnson and staff.

Elaine Shinnaberry
Clinton Township, MI

Dr. Johnson’s Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table is Truly A Godsend

“I have to tell you that I’ve had some very serious back problems and particularly some neck problems that resulted in me having an operation. After the operation about 15 years ago, I have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Johnson who I think is one of the finest Doctors I have ever associated myself with in my 76 years of life. About two months ago, Dr. Johnson was able to tackle my latest problem with my neck by introducing to me the Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table that he recommended that I use. Dr. Johnson suggested that I go on the Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table to see for myself if it will have an impact in some way to help my neck problem I was having at the time. At the time, I had some severe neck problems in that I couldn’t even raise my neck and arm or even move them around. But, I decided to try Dr. Johnson’s Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table and it turned out to be a real lifesaver for me. I only went on it 5 or 6 times and within those sessions, it really turned out to be a Godsend to me because it helped me from the very first treatment as it stretched my vertebrae and I knew it was something very special as it made me feel much better right away. I told Dr. Johnson that this Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table must of cost him a lot of money and he replied that ‘it did but it was worth it’. It sure was worth it for me too.
My association with Dr. Johnson goes back 15-16 years ago when I had very serious back problems. Back then, I couldn’t even walk and I consistently fell down in the street and even in Dr. Johnson’s office. It was an unbelievable situation because I thought I was going to need another surgery but Dr. Johnson assured me that I don’t need surgery. And, it turns out, I didn’t need surgery at all- I needed the Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table and that was enough. Dr. Johnson is an outstanding person in that he has helped me so much that both my wife, Mary, and I have come to him for many years. We have so much confidence in Dr. Johnson and we are so happy we have come to him for help. After using his Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table, I feel so much better. I also feel that it is very important that I continue to have his normal prescribed treatments to adjust my spinal column because it is what keeps my body in tune.
When I came into Dr. Johnson’s office many years ago, the problem was that I couldn’t do anything and when I left his office, I could resume a normal movement of the neck and shoulders again. My arm was also in great pain, it was like a big toothache but Dr. Johnson has healed it by giving me the opportunity to use his Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table. Dr Johnson is clearly the best Doctor and I think he and his staff are an outstanding team of individuals. My wife Mary and I are treated so well there. We love Dr. Johnson very much and this is a situation that God has put into his hands because Dr. Johnson’s hands and knowledge have been just outstanding. I would absolutely refer my friends and family to Dr. Johnson. And, to those who haven’t tried Chiropractic medicine, let me suggest that you do because in the past 15 years, Dr. Johnson has kept Mary and I in very good shape.
I hope my testimonial will be of help to those out there who are still skeptical. Mary and I are believers of Dr. Johnson’s work and we hope you come to find the truth through him and experience God’s work through Dr. Johnson. Thank you very much Dr. Johnson! God bless you and your staff!”

Jennifer Bowles
Clarkston, MI

3 Year Old Shoulder Injury Handled with Chiropractic

Three years ago I separated my shoulder. I went through physical therapy, but it still bothered me. Three or four months ago, my medical doctor suggested surgery on the shoulder. I didn’t want that!
I’ve been seeing Dr. Johnson for several years. I told him about my shoulder and he adjusted it. One visit and my shoulder is better. Two minutes, that’s all it took! Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Wilson Born
Macomb Township, MI

Student Back & Neck Pain Relieved

For several years I’ve suffered from low back pain and neck problems. I carry a lot of books and a backpack for school and the weight is too much. My neck was always popping when I took a breath. My neck always hurt, there was always tension in my shoulders and neck, and it was hard for me to concentrate.
My mom brought me to see Dr. Johnson several months ago. I’ve been getting regular adjustments and have noticed a big difference. Now I have no popping in my neck and I’m more relaxed. My back pain is gone and Dr. Johnson has taught me a lot about how to carry books and school stuff. I rarely carry a backpack now and when I do, there’s not much weight in it. I carry my books in my arms and keep my back straight. My spine is aligned and I want to keep it that way.
Dr. Johnson has also helped me with my allergies, which are really bad. I’m allergic to cats, dogs, molds, trees, grass, pollen, and more. It’s really bad in the summer. I’m also allergic to milk and other foods. With Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), I’m getting rid of allergies, too.
Thanks, Dr. Johnson. You’ve helped me a lot this past year.

Amanda Bassett
Rochester, MI

Back Pain and Sinus Problems Gone
For over two months I had been suffering from back pain. In addition, my shoulder felt tight, my sinuses were congested, my ears crackled and I couldn’t hear very well. A friend told me about Dr. Johnson and I decided to give him a try.
After my first adjustment, my sinuses drained. I went through a whole box of tissues, was able to breathe better and easier. So many things improved with the adjustments. I had better digestion, easier periods, better sleeping, and I can hear. I have three children (8-6-2) and between carrying kids and laundry my back really hurt. Not anymore.
Dr. Johnson also suggested I try a special pillow, a buckwheat pillow. I love it! It’s firm enough for me and I can move the buckwheat hulls wherever I want them.
Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help. I’m really doing so very much better.

Ronda Carlson
Shelby Township, MI

Excruciating Lower Back Pain That Medical Doctors Couldn't Help - Gone!
Several weeks ago I suffered from severe, excruciating low back pain. I went to my rheumatoid arthritis doctor (MD), who gave me pain pills, recommended physical therapy, and told me to stay home from work. I’m a single person and sole support of myself so I can’t afford to miss work. I couldn’t work, bend, or function normally. I was in tears. I told my daughter, who is Dr. Johnson’s patient. She told me to see Dr. Johnson. I did and it was the best choice I ever made! Dr. Johnson and his staff treated me well. I had x-rays and exams and then Dr. Johnson explained to me that I suffered from pain in my sciatic nerve. He adjusted my spine and I felt better almost instantly. I’ve been getting regular adjustments and feeling better and better. I still have a little bit of pain, but I have been able to keep working. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for helping me get my life back.

Mary Hintz
Shelby Township, MI

A couple of years ago I had some serious pain in my right side. I had difficulty walking and couldn’t sleep. I went to my MD who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. I went through three regimens of pills and was still in a lot of pain. My business partner is Dr. Johnson’s patient and recommended that I see him. I came in and discussed my problem with Dr. J. After the exam and x-rays, Dr. Johnson adjusted my spine. I couldn’t believe the difference! My pain was gone! Since then I’ve been coming regularly for adjustments. My pain is gone and I’ve been feeling great. I travel by car a lot. Recently I took a 5200 mile trip without any back problems. In one day I drove 1,025 miles from Terre Haute, IN to Tucumcari, NM with zero back fatigue. I do use the lumbar support when driving and I know that helps a lot. Thanks, Dr. J., I couldn’t have done it without you.

Frank Perri
Royal Oak, MI

Michael Zaverzence is a World War II veteran whose B-24 plane crashed. Four men died in the crash and three survived. Mike was a survivor — but one with many serious injuries. Injuries, both physical and mental, that took years to heal and pain that has never gone away. “My friend suggested that I see Dr. Johnson, that he might be able to help with the pain. He did. I’m still feeling pain, but it’s better. I like to get adjusted because it feels so good. I tingle all over. After each adjustment, I can stretch my neck and arms and my face feels nice. When Dr. Johnson adjusts my neck, I have more feeling in my arms and my whole body. Although I don’t have full movement on my right side, the adjustments help me move and stretch. With the adjustments I feel better and sleep better. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Johnson. If he didn’t help me, I wouldn’t come. Thanks for your help.”

Michael Zaverzence
Shelby Twp., MI

Recently I was doing some household projects and I really overdid it. I was in a do-it-yourself mood and decided to stain my patio. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees staining this patio. I consider myself in reasonably good shape. When I finished the patio, I played tennis for two and a half hours. Soon after, I found myself in a lot of pain. My shoulder hurt and my upper back and the pain went all the way down my arm to my hand, which became numb. I’ve been a patient here for several years. I called and came to see Dr. Johnson right away. He adjusted my neck and shoulder and I had instant relief! That’s right! One adjustment and I had instant pain relief. Dr. Johnson told me that my shoulder was misaligned. I’m really grateful to Dr. Johnson and all his help over the years; but this was the quickest pain relief I’ve felt and it was great.

Heidi Kanan
Grosse Pointe, MI

Last Labor Day I hurt my neck and shoulder. I was in a lot of pain. In fact, the only pain I had ever experienced that was as intense was labor and childbirth. The pain was really bad! I went to my medical doctor who prescribed muscle relaxants and pain pills. These affected me so that I couldn’t function — couldn’t go to work or drive. My husband’s friend was seeing a chiropractor in Grosse Pointe Woods and he recommended that I see Dr. Johnson here in Shelby. Since coming to Dr. Johnson, I have seen slow, steady improvement. I am continually getting better. Dr. Johnson checked me out and told me I had more problems than just my neck and shoulder. I was surprised to hear that, but am doing much better overall. I consider myself at 95%. I still have some minor neck pain. The worst of it is when I get my hair washed in the salon. I hate bending my neck backwards for a shampoo. But it keeps getting better. I also had high blood pressure and that has now normalized. I’ve enjoyed coming to Dr. Johnson. The staff has been great. They greet me by name and make it worth coming as often as I’ve had to. I was always skeptical about chiropractic; however, my husband talked me into coming here after I was injured. Now I’m glad he did.

Jeri Burger
Shelby Township, MI

Several weeks ago I was shopping and when I finished, my arm became sore. Soon the pain increased to the point where my whole arm hurt from the shoulder to the fingers. I saw my medical doctor who told me I had tendonitis and prescribed some drugs, which helped some, but I was still in pain. I’ve been a patient here at the clinic for a long time. When I came in for my next appointment, I told Dr. Johnson about my arm. He showed me some exercises to do and in four weeks the pain was completely gone. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, I can always count on you.

Edith Brissette
Shelby Township, MI

For years I suffered from neck pain. When I was in school, my neck would always hurt so much that I would wish that it would go away. I was also having trouble with my knees hurting. I’m in marching band, playing the flute and piccolo, and I always had sore knees from marching. My mom comes to Dr. Johnson and brought me to see him for my knees. I started getting adjustments and soon I realized that my neck pain wasn’t as bad. Now it’s almost completely gone. And, I’m doing betting with my knees in marching band. Two years ago I marched in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and I was really sore. This year I’m in the parade again and I’m looking forward to my knees not hurting. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for making my life at school easier and teaching me that my neck pain was not normal.

Becky Perzyk
Sterling Hgts., MI

Two years ago I slipped and fell under a desk. I really hurt my lower back. I spent a lot of time going to doctors to get some relief for the pain. I took all kinds of pain medication. One hospital even told me I had a tumor on my spinal cord. My left leg hurt so much that I couldn’t put any pressure on it. As a result, I developed a limp. Over ten years ago I had seen Dr. Johnson and my mother comes to him for her adjustments. I thought he might be able to help me when no one else could. I had heard good things about him and I decided to give it a shot. After my first visit, Dr. Johnson told me he knew exactly what was wrong — that my SI joint was locked. He adjusted me and I felt 100% better. The sharp stabbing pain was gone! I’ve had two adjustments now and the bad pain is gone. I’m still tender and sore, but I’m losing my limp and walking, sitting and standing so much better. If I had known this, I’d have come two years ago! Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for your help.

Larry Ternes
Lapeer, MI

Lisa called in from our parking lot after her adjustment to tell us: I just had a phenomenal adjustment from Dr. Johnson! I have no neck pain, no restriction in my mobility. I haven’t been able to see behind me in a car for years. Now I can! This is GREAT! I feel like spitting nickels! I never had an adjustment like that before. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Lisa Nowinski
Sterling Heights, MI

For over five years I’ve suffered from severe migraine headaches. I went to all kinds of doctors, even neurologists. I’d have four to seven migraines each week and found it difficult to do most anything during a headache. I took all kinds of drugs hoping for relief, but I only felt worse, sometimes fuzzy, and the pain never totally went away. For years my friends who are Dr. Johnson’s patients tried to get me to come to him. Finally, I said, “What have I got to lose?” and made my appointment. I started getting adjusted and within 10 days I noticed a difference. I’ve only been coming for 3 weeks now, but I haven’t had a severe headache in one and a half weeks — a record for me. I’m really pleased with my care here and I look forward to feeling better and better. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Dianne McEwen
Macomb Twp., MI

For five to six years I had suffered with low back pain and for two years with neck pain. It became so bad that I couldn’t do the things I love — working around the house, gardening, archery, and canoeing. I was really at my wits end. My wife has been coming to Dr. Johnson for some time. She strongly suggested that it would be a good idea for me to see Dr. Johnson and find out if he could help me. Well, I did and he could. That was four months ago. The progress has been slow but steady. After two months of adjustments I really noticed a difference. Now I can do all the things that I love without experiencing a lot of pain. The staff has been great. They bend over backwards to make appointments and to reschedule them when necessary. Everyone is so friendly, it’s a great place to come. I’ve recommended Dr. Johnson to my co-workers and I recommend him to you too. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Paul Perzyk
Sterling Heights, MI

Last November I was moving some x-ray films at work and hurt my back, neck and shoulder. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t do anything — cook, clean, do laundry, or even carry my 2-year-old daughter. I also had blinding headaches and my hand went numb. Since I work at a hospital, I was told to do what their doctors told me. So I took lots of drugs, had an EMG, and went to physical therapy twice a week for several weeks from December, 2001 to March, 2002. When the doctors told me I needed to take anti-depressants to combat the side effects of the drugs and the depression from not getting better, I said that was enough. My fiancé is Dr. Johnson’s patient and he told me to have Dr. Johnson check me out. Since I didn’t know where to turn, I came here. What a difference! I couldn’t believe it, but after my first adjustment, there was a big difference. I could easily turn my head (so driving became much easier), do laundry and cook again. Since beginning chiropractic care, my headaches have disappeared and I feel better than I did before my injury. I started coming three times a week and am now down to once a week. Dr. Johnson gave me exercises to do, and they have helped tremendously. I’ve recommended Dr. Johnson to my whole family and my friends.

Lisa Brandenburg
Shelby Township, MI

I was a Chiropractic Skeptic Until ........ I was diagnosed with severe anemia and ulcerated colitis. I was very ill and had no energy. My husband was aggressively searching for a nutritionist after becoming totally fed-up with traditional medical treatments of drugs, more drugs and drugs that might help with the colitis but might be toxic to my liver and kidneys. We knew there had to be a better way. A very good friend saw how sick I had become and was very concerned. She made an appointment with Dr. Johnson for me. I agreed to keep the appointment, but only for his nutritional program, for I did not believe in chiropractic. I did not have any pain in my back and could not see how "cracking" my back could possibly help colitis. Today I feel better than I have in years. I am totally drug free. And the only side effects I have experienced under Dr. Johnson's care have been healthier skin, teeth and gums, stronger hair and nails, just healthier all around. When you feel good, you’re just naturally happier. To that my husband says "Thank you, Dr. Johnson." And I thank you too.

Terri Colegrove
Shelby Township, MI

I’ve always gone to chiropractors, not regularly but only when I felt I needed to. I’d done housecleaning for years and I developed chronic neck pain. I woke up with a sore neck and it didn’t go away. I took all kinds of drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter. My sister was seeing Dr. Johnson and having a lot of success during her pregnancy with clearing up ailments. I knew I needed regular adjustments and found Dr. Johnson. I liked his payment plans because they enabled me to come in on a regular basis for a more affordable Dr. Johnson has been great. His adjustments have decreased my pain a lot. An adjustment will clear up any pain I have; and when it does come back, it’s never as bad as it used to be. I still get some tension in my neck but it’s not bad because my regular adjustments keep it under control. I know when I get an adjustment that I will be better. I like coming and I want to come for my adjustments. Dr. Johnson also helps me when I get colds with the supplements. I recommend him to everyone because I know he can help. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Rochelle Laszczak
Leonard, MI

My daughter Vicky has been coming to Dr. Johnson since last spring. She had been suffering from headaches since she was 6 and is 9 now. She felt bad, her head hurt all the time she told me. When I brought her to Dr. Johnson, I was pleased with the care given her. She was checked thoroughly and began having adjustments two or three times a week. Within a month her headaches subsided. In addition to this and along with the adjustments, Vicky’s energy levels increased. She had been suffering from low energy levels, far too low Now, Vicky has few if any headaches and a good energy level along with more endurance. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for helping my daughter as well as the rest of my family.

Marie Schatz
Shelby Township, MI

I have two wonderful children and was fortunate enough to receive chiropractic and nutrition care during both pregnancies. Since I had been coming to Dr. Johnson for two years before my son Phillip was born, I was already familiar with chiropractic adjustments and the positive effect they have. I had some morning sickness with both children, but I took some ginger on Dr. Johnson’s advice and that helped. My worst problem during both pregnancies was low back pain. I really looked forward to each week’s visit to the clinic. My adjustment helped me immensely. Each week I could count on Dr. Johnson’s adjustment to ease the low back pain and make me feel so much better. When I had ear or sinus infections, Dr. J was right there with supplements to help me through. When I felt weak, Dr. J gave me special supplements to help build and strengthen my immune system. He also gave me a great deal of information on pregnancy and delivery. This helped my husband and I make decisions that affected how we handled the delivery of our children. One thing we did was not go to the hospital until labor was well advanced. In fact, both children were born about 20 minutes after I got to the hospital. They were both quick and easy deliveries thanks to all the good care I had from Dr. Johnson. We also brought both children in to Dr. J for adjustments before they were two weeks old. This helped them be healthy. In fact, we all get adjusted regularly. Whenever one gets “under the weather,” we go to Dr. Johnson for care. Both children are also being raised without dairy — we use soy milk or Rice Dream. So following Dr. J’s advice on ginger, eating healthy, and getting regular adjustments really helped me get through my pregnancies and deliveries. And continuing care along with our children has made our family healthy and happy. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.

Kyra Warda
New Baltimore, MI

I can roll over and jump up! Not much you say. Well, for over two years I was in so much pain, had so many back spasms that in order to get up off the floor (my favorite place for TV watching), I had to roll over slowly, get up on hands and knees, steady myself and somehow push and pull myself up. Now, after several months of adjustments with Dr. Johnson, I can quickly roll over and jump up. I’ve suffered from severe low back pain and muscle spasms for over two years. I came to Dr. Johnson to find some relief a few months ago. Not only couldn’t I easily get up off the floor, getting out of bed was also a problem. It was very painful getting up each day. Now I have no pain and get out of bed quickly each morning. I still occasionally have some spasms and pain, but nowhere near what they were and sometimes none at all. I’m grateful to Dr. Johnson for all he has done for me. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that chiropractic is no good, ineffective. BUT I can honestly say that IT WORKS. Yes, it works!

David Nofz
Sterling Heights, MI

I came to Dr. Johnson about five months ago. I had been to one of his seminars and at the time I was looking for someone who wouldn’t prescribe drugs. I had been on so many for my blood pressure and my heart that I was fed up. A friend of my daughter’s works for Dr. Johnson and recommended that I attend one of his nutrition seminars, especially the one on heart problems and care. My wife and I attended and some time later I decided to give Dr. Johnson a try. My problem is that I’ve always felt good, even though I had to have angioplasty for a blocked artery. My cardiologist and my other doctor both put me on drugs for my heart, my high cholesterol, and my high blood pressure. I wanted to get off the drugs. Then my cardiologist wanted to do another heart catherization. I asked him if he did a bad job the first time! I did not have it done. When I came to Dr. Johnson, I decided to take matters into my own hands. My adjustments have helped immensely. My blood pressure is now in the normal range and remains so. Dr. Johnson and his staff were great. They explained everything to me and made certain I understood it all. Dr. Johnson is very educational. I like that. Thanks, Dr. J.

Jim Keller
Mt. Clemens, MI

Dr. J has asked me for a success story, but I don't know where to begin. Do I begin with the added energy I experienced even after just one visit? No, maybe I should talk about the clearing of my sinuses and the fact that I can now breath freely through my nose for the first time in memory. Or, maybe I should talk about my increased mobility and ease of movement. (After only a few months’ of visits I can now stand for longer than 5 minutes without experiencing back pain, a first since a horse fell on me some 20 years ago.) Or I could talk about the improvement in my migraine headaches, asthma and insomnia. But then, maybe I should talk about Mama. She's 83 and has been pretty much bed-ridden for 2 years as a result of an illness that was treated with high doses of steroids. Alter Dr. J. did a CRA exam, he put her on some supplements to help her body repair the damage done by the steroids. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. She feels better, is more alert and interested in life, and in general is on her way to becoming the interesting active person she was before her illness. In addition to offering properly balanced nutritional supplements, the doctor has been doing gentle adjustments to her back and neck. Her poor “cricked up” back is stronger and more comfortable and, for the first time in her life, her feet aren't cold. Do I recommend Dr. Johnson? You bet! I am 52 years old, a full time professional in the high stress field of data processing, and sole caregiver for my disabled mother. The doctor's hours are convenient, his office staff is understanding and flexible, and his treatment works. Since starting with Dr. J., I have more energy, I sleep better, I'm less worded about my mother, and for the first time in a long while I'm able to look to the future with hope and optimism. You do not have to have such extreme problems to be helped by Dr. Johnson. Give him a try. You have nothing to lose but your pain and discomfort.

Royal Oak, MI

I was suffering from severe pain in the back of my left hip whenever I moved. This was very difficult for me because I had already had both of my hips replaced. One replacement was 19 years old and the other was 20 years old. To be honest, I was quite afraid that I would have to have my left hip replaced again. I waited for two weeks in severe pain. Finally, as a last resort, I called Dr. Johnson and decided to come in for an adjustment. I have been getting regular adjustments since 1992 and I thought maybe Dr. Johnson could help me. Dr. Johnson adjusted my left sacroiliac joint and the pain left immediately. I don’t need to have any surgery! I’ve learned my lesson. Next time I have any pain, I’ll call immediately rather than wait for my regular adjustment and worry.

Rochester Hills, MI

I was skeptical when I first came to see Dr. Johnson, but my wife was already a practice member and I thought it might help. I had three major problem areas: my lower back was inflamed most of the time; my middle back was tight; and my neck had limited mobility. I suffered from various aches and stiffness as a result of my working at desk and computer all day. After four months of adjustments, I can honestly say that I have no inflammation in my lower back; there is more range of motion in my middle back; and my neck has only localized periodic stiffness. In addition, Dr. Johnson also adjusted my little finger, which was displaced and has arthritis. It is much better with the adjustments. When my boss asked me where I was going today, I told him that I was going to the chiropractor. He asked if it did any good and I told him how much better I feel. I really believe in the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments now.

Macomb, MI

I first came to Dr. Johnson in early May of ’99 on a friend’s recommendation. I had injured my back lifting my briefcase. Since I’m stubborn and don’t like to go to M.D.’s, coming to Dr. Johnson was a good choice. By the time I came in, I was having shooting pains in my leg and difficulty walking. By the third week of care I noticed a substantial difference. I had less pain, it was easier to get up and stand, and I had more mobility. I was surprised because I had not realized how stiff I was — not only my back but also my neck. As a result of my care with Dr. Johnson, I can now do more. I play golf once or twice a week and it is easier and more comfortable now. I see continual improvement each week and am now able to do all that I want to do without discomfort and aches and pains (yoga, walking, yard work, public speaking, etc.). Things are easier for me and I’m less fatigued. This was not possible before chiropractic and Dr. Johnson. As a working mother with a teenage daughter, I can only say “Thank You, Dr. Johnson” for all you’ve done for me.

Sterling Heights, MI

For over a year I suffered from severe pain in my upper back, especially in the mornings when I first got up. I’ve been getting adjustment from Dr. Johnson for about three months now and my back pain is almost gone. Dr. Johnson told me that there is a little inflammation left, but I am constantly improving. I was so happy with my care that I brought both my boys in. One son has suffered from asthma and many related symptoms and the other son has had many ear infections and spent a lot of time on antibiotics. Since coming to Dr. Johnson, both boys have improved dramatically. I can’t thank Dr. Johnson enough for all his help. I’d certainly recommend him to everyone.

Shelby Township, MI

After years of misuse, I had a “bad back”! The worst was driving. I could drive for two or three hours, but my back pain became severe. I told Dr. Johnson about my upcoming trip to Colorado and all the driving I was going to have to do. Dr. Johnson let me borrow a back (lumbar) support pillow for sitting and driving. I couldn’t believe it. I drove 12 hours a day and had NO BACK PAIN! In fact, my back felt better than normal. There was no numbness or pain during my trip. When I returned, I bought a lumbar support and use it regularly for sitting and driving. I really am impressed. I would certainly recommend the supports for anyone who has a bad back or who does a lot of driving. You’ll feel better and be happier. Since coming to Dr. Johnson, I have improved in three areas: Flax seed oil cleared up my face, adjustments have improved my back, and the lumbar support has enabled me to drive for long periods of time.

Sterling Hgts, MI

I was always tired — to the degree that a five-day work week was nearly impossible. Being too tired had become my personal motto! Although I hadn’t visited too many doctors, I had tried several brands of vitamins. A close friend, who had recently been helped by Dr. Johnson, highly recommended his care. I was very skeptical, but seeing the difference in my friend’s health was convincing! Dr. Johnson and his staff are very personable. I started with nutrition, so the first tests were Contact Reflex Analysis. The computer test and x-rays were done quickly and professionally. The most impressive thing about the tests was the length of time Dr. Johnson spent explaining exactly what they meant. After three weeks of the supplements and one week of chiropractic care, I felt great!! I feel like I have energy again — it has been so long — it’s a new feeling! (I still don’t care for the five-day work week though — too many things to do!) I’ve been recommending Dr. Johnson and chiropractic. I have already recruited my sister. It’s important to me that she feels good during her retirement. She and her husband are our vacation traveling companions!

Attica, MI

I originally came to Dr. Johnson on the recommendations of both my husband and a friend because I had a sleep problem. But he has helped me with far more than just my sleep problem. I’d had a sleep problem all my life. I just couldn’t sleep. I’d go for over a week without sleeping. The doctors all gave me sleep drugs and anti-depressant drugs, and muscle relaxants, and more. Going through menopause at the same time complicated all this. However, nothing worked. I just couldn’t sleep. Naturally, I became desperate and I didn’t want to be on drugs anymore! After just three weeks of supplements and adjustments, I slept. It was May 20, 2000 and the first time in three and a half years that I slept through the night. Oh, I awoke a couple of times, but this time I was able to return to sleep quickly. It used to be that about 3:00 p.m. I would start worrying about whether or not I would be able to sleep. Now I don’t. For years my doctor has had me taking calcium carbonate. I developed “phantom” pain in my ribcage, from my shoulder to my elbow — actually, I hurt from my waist up. Dr. Johnson switched me to Cal-Ma Plus, and after one day the pain was gone and hasn’t returned. I couldn’t believe that the difference in the types of calcium could affect one so. Now my neck is better too. Some other positive changes include following the blood type diets. I gave up wheat, diet pop, and most of my coffee. The result was that I lost 31 pounds and now feel so much better. I exercise every day now too. When I decided to come to Dr. Johnson, I made the decision that I’m worth every penny that I will have to spend to get well. Our insurance didn’t cover any of the costs here at the clinic. But…I wanted to get healthy, feel good and function normally again. The financial investment and the time investment have been well worth it. I’m very, very pleased! The staff is wonderful and I can’t tell people enough about Dr. Johnson. I share his card with everyone I meet.

Mary Wade
Sterling Heights, MI

I’m a college student and was having a rough time each month at my period. I’d miss school each month because I was in such immobilizing pain. It was affecting not only my life but also my studies. Since I had been suffering from headaches and shoulder pain as well as problems with my neck from spending so much time on the computer, I came to see Dr. Johnson. The adjustments have helped that a lot, but the big change has been in my monthly periods. My first period after I started getting adjusted was better and since then there has been steady improvement. And THAT has been the most amazing thing! Now I don’t have all the pain I had before, I’m not missing classes and I feel so much better. Thanks, Dr. J.

Sterling Heights, MI

In 1996 I decided that I wasn’t happy with the chiropractor I was going to. When I met Dr. Johnson at a nutrition seminar he gave at Shelby Junior High School, I found I liked him a lot. So I decided to switch. Since becoming a regular chiropractic practice member, I find I’m not sick as much. I’m healthier and so is my family, who also come to Dr. Johnson. I used to suffer from low back and shoulder pain, but that has subsided substantially since getting regular adjustments. I was also feeling tired and fatigued. After Dr. Johnson used the CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) testing and recommended certain supplements, my problems cleared right up. My family and I are all living a healthier lifestyle now. We’ve changed our diet to include more fruits and veggies and less junk food. I joined Life Time Fitness Center and work out three times a week. I’m feeling much better and my children are not sick nearly as much as our relatives and their friends. I’m happy to recommend Dr. Johnson to all my friends and acquaintances. Thanks, Dr. J.

Rick Olejniczak
Sterling Heights, MI

I have been seeing Dr. Johnson for more than 10 years. He has helped my body heal from sore throats to psoriasis and, most recently, the pain of carpal tunnel. So, recently, after encouraging a neighbor to see Dr. Johnson after having a failed back surgery, I couldn’t help but wonder why someone wouldn’t try the least invasive and least expensive way to heal first? I had encouraged my neighbor to try chiropractic before her surgery, but had no success in persuading her to start chiropractic. I have many friends that I know would benefit from seeing Dr. Johnson, and, sometimes, I worry that they are sick of hearing from me about it. I can only guess, because I’m no psychologist, but consciously or unconsciously, they do not want to participate in their own healing. They want something outside of themselves- like a pill or a surgeon- to do all the work- someone to fix it for them. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last ten years, it’s that Dr. Johnson has the skills and knowledge to heal others, but, without my participation, nothing is going to happen. Good health is really a life style and Dr. Johnson is the best teacher for it.

Patricia Tischbein
Shelby Township, MI

Foot Leveler’s Spinal-Pelvic Stabilizers Save the Day For several months, Dr. Johnson has been treating me for hip and leg pain. It was especially painful walking in the am and evening after work. Dr. Johnson tested me and the results showed that my right leg was a quarter inch shorter than my left. Dr. Johnson suggested ordering Foot Leveler’s Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers for my shoes. What a difference! Even my bit toe turned from purple back to its normal color within two days. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for your continued help.

June Mac Pherson
Troy, MI

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