Introducing Insight Millenniumtm

Dan O'Brien

INSIGHT MILLENIUMtm is state of the art diagnostic equipment designed to clearly demonstrate where your spinal nerves may be suffering from nerve interference. Nerve interference is a direct result of subluxations. When I palpate (feel) your spine I know where any subluxations are but, the INSIGHT MILLENNIUMtm helps me show you.


It is a misaligned vertebra, or one that is not moving properly, that is irritating a nerve or nerve root.

Do people know when they have NERVE IRRITATION?

Sometimes and sometimes not. Understand that there are different parts to a nerve fiber. Certainly if a pain nerve fiber is being irritated, you will know because your brain will register PAIN! Very few children complain of back or neck pain. Pain nerve fibers make up about 1/9 of the nerve root. Other parts of the nerve do not register pain; they carry other information between the brain and the body. What if the nerves involved are the ones that process information between what you try to learn and then retell others? Maybe you have trouble paying attention in school or following through with instructions. What if the nerve to a muscle is involved? Will you feel anything? Perhaps the muscle will not be as strong or have quite the endurance it should. What if the nerves into the bowels are involved? Maybe the bowels will just be sluggish or over active resulting in constant diarrhea. All sickness and disease in the body originate as a disturbance in the energy of that body which results in cellular changes. Cellular abnormalities lead to dis-ease in the body and eventually into a disease we can put a name to. Chiropractic reduces/eliminates nerve irritation which normalizes the exchange of energy and information between the brain and body, which allows the body to properly regulate and balance itself. The result is a body that has its healing power turned back on.

The INSIGHT MILLENNIUMtm provides a visual measurement of how other aspects of the nervous system are functioning. Specifically, spinal nerves bringing instructions;

  • from the brain to the muscles and

  • the autonomic nervous system (the nerves controlling functioning of the internal organs and other activities you do not consciously think about such as blinking or breathing regularly).

Everyone, with or without symptoms, deserves the chance to have their spine checked for nerve interference and have corrections made when interference is found. If you or your loved ones rely only on the perception of pain to determine any spinal subluxations then you certainly miss the larger picture. Does it make sense to wait until the process of declining health has become severe enough that symptoms finally motivate a call to pay attention to your health?

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Karl R.O.S. Johnson, D.C., F.I.C.P.A., L.C.P.

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