I Frequent Migraine Headaches Ended!

I would like to give you a great big hug and thank-you for the wonderful care that I have always received here at the wellness center. When I first came to your office, I was a little skeptical about the need for Chiropractic care. You hear so much from people who don’t know the benefits of Chiropractic care and start to believe that you will never need it either. But, I definitely did.
Before coming to the clinic, I had experienced frequent migraines and neck pain with chronic insomnia. I had missed a lot of work and had seen many neurologists and to no avail. I also received paralytics that were injected into my head to numb the right side of my head so that the pain would not be so bad so that I could continue to work and support my family. I received multiple injections and tried just about every migraine medication on the market. I was desperate for help.
I had frequent ER visits, and, one episode I was up for 5 days with pain so intense I could not sleep without strong prescription sleeping medication. My body just would not sleep. A friend at my church recommended Dr. Johnson. I was hoping Dr. Johnson would find something the others had not. Dr. Johnson told me that I had heavy metal toxicity and TMJ with subluxation to my neck. I also forgot to mention another problem I had which was weekly menstrual periods that were left uncorrected by progesterone from the ob-gyn. After 2 weeks of adjustments by Dr. Johnson, my weekly periods had stopped and had normalized! And my sleeping slowly started improving with NAET treatments and supplements. Dr. Johnson had explained that my head was in vasospasm. Because of Dr. Johnson’s diagnosis, I was able to get the corrective TMJ splint that I needed to stop the continued vasospasm in my head.
I truly believe that if I had not been seen by Dr. Johnson I would still be suffering at a magnitude too much to continue working. I am so grateful to Dr. Johnson for staying in this profession. This is one of those life experiences that you are very grateful that you had experienced. And, I am truly a believer in Jesus Christ and that he causes all things to work for our good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose. And through this experience, I have seen the goodness in others like Dr. Johnson sacrificing their time to help others which has been a blessing to me. And, in return, I have a greater compassion through the pain I suffered for those who are suffering too, which causes me to do more for others and go that extra mile to be a blessing to others. In return, life is so much more rewarding now for me. I work in one of the biggest hospitals in the state and I see a lot of suffering.
I tell many people about Dr. Johnson and the benefits that I have experienced. I tell a friend and she tells her father in law and so forth. I just print off their website page and hope they will get the help they need too. I truly believe that Dr. Johnson is an answer to my prayer and my family’s prayers. God bless you Dr. Johnson! And, I would like to sincerely say, “Thank-You!” from the bottom of my heart... I will always be thankful to you and your kind staff for all the benefits that I have experienced through your care.
You truly are a Godsend...

Lisa Sack
Clawson, Michigan

My brother had a bone marrow transplant last week and I couldn’t go visit him because I felt sick and run down. I also had a sinus headache that wouldn’t go away.
This was my first-ever sinus headache and I hope I never get any more. The headache lasted for over a week. I came in for my regular adjustment with Dr. Johnson and told him about my headache. He adjusted my neck and my headache went away. Now my sinuses are draining and I feel 100 per cent better. This occurred within ten minutes of my adjustment and my frontal sinus headache dissipated concurrently. The whole drainage process took about 3 hours.
I realized that what got me into this mess in the first place was that I had put my supplements away (I usually keep them on the counter) because we were selling our house. During those few weeks before my headache, I missed a lot of my supplements because they weren’t in plain view. Soon I felt sick and my face broke out. The house is sold and the supplements are back on the counter and I haven’t forgotten to take them. I really do feel a lot better. And now, thanks to Dr. Johnson, my headache is gone too.

L. N
Sterling Hgts., MI

For over five years I’ve suffered from severe migraine headaches. I went to all kinds of doctors, even neurologists. I’d have four to seven migraines each week and found it difficult to do most anything during a headache. I took all kinds of drugs hoping for relief, but I only felt worse, sometimes fuzzy, and the pain never totally went away.
For years my friends who are Dr. Johnson’s patients tried to get me to come to him. Finally, I said, “What have I got to lose?” and made my appointment.
I started getting adjusted and within 10 days I noticed a difference. I’ve only been coming for 3 weeks now, but I haven’t had a severe headache in one and a half weeks — a record for me.
I’m really pleased with my care here and I look forward to feeling better and better. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.
Dianne McEwen
Macomb Twp., MI

My daughter Vicky has been coming to Dr. Johnson since last spring. She had been suffering from headaches since she was 6 and is 9 now. She felt bad, her head hurt all the time she told me.
When I brought her to Dr. Johnson, I was pleased with the care given her. She was checked thoroughly and began having adjustments two or three times a week. Within a month her headaches subsided. In addition to this and along with the adjustments, Vicky’s energy levels increased. She had been suffering from low energy levels, far too low
Now, Vicky has few if any headaches and a good energy level along with more endurance. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for helping my daughter as well as the rest of my family.

Marie Schatz
Shelby Township, MI

For 15 plus years I suffered from extremely severe migraine-like headaches. Sometimes they were so bad that I would vomit for hours. They sapped all my energy and often I could not function normally at all. This whole thing impacted my family, friends, my marriage, my work and my fun!
I had seen many doctors, had MRI’s and lots of different tests done. I saw my family physician, allergist, ENT specialist, and a surgeon. They put me on lots of drugs, shots, antibiotics, etc.
When I had just about reached my end and was ready to try anything, my friend recommended Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson and his staff were great. They were very thorough — x-rays, handgrip, foot weight, bending, etc.
Dr. Johnson told me that my problem was my neck, not my head. The adjustments started helping immediately. Then, when I added nutrition to the program, good things really began happening.
I’ve been with the clinic since March 1996 and I can honestly recommend Dr. Johnson’s care to others. It can help restore the natural energy that is in all of us. No one should have to go through what I went through for way too many years. Dr. Johnson and his staff really care about their patients.

Troy, MI

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