Standard Process Food Supplements

Standard Process Inc® Whole Food Supplements.

For over 70 years Standard Process Inc® has been the leader in the field of natural, whole food supplements. Standard Process believes a quality, natural food supplement begins in the soil. Many of the raw foods used in Standard Process products are grown on company-owned farms using organic farming techniques. This quality is maintained by manufacturing their food supplements at their state-of-the-art facility in Palmyra, Wisconsin. It is Standard Process' attention to detail and use of the finest ingredients that allows their supplements to meet and exceed the most demanding quality standards.

Key Benefits

  • Natural food concentrates not synthetic isolates
  • Contain all the helper nutrients (synergists) the body needs to optimally absorb and use the nutrients
  • Balances body chemistry
  • Build body tissues
  • Won't create imbalances like synthetic supplements do

For more information on Standard Process® products, visit their website at

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Read and/or Print out this article:

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MediHerb® Cold Percolated Herbal Supplements

MediHerb® provides superior herbal supplements that are well-known for their effectiveness. Founded by Kerry Bone, a first class honours graduate of Melbourne University, the company has been producing these high-quality supplements for many years.

For more information on MediHerb®, visit their website at

Key Benefits

  • Organically grown
  • Herbs are tested against a botanically certified reference sample to ensure proper identity
  • Extracted via a proprietary 1:2 cold percolation process that ensures no damage to the constituents of the herbs
  • Manufactured according to the Pharmaceutical Code of GMP (good manufacturing practice)
  • Effective at improving body function so you can regain/maintain your health

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